Saturday, March 19, 2011

When you wake up thinking about Red Velvet & Chocolate cake ball

... then you know you have been bitten by Le Gustav - Innovation Sucrée, more like, you have bitten Le Gustav. I don't know what I can add to what Micheline already beautifully described and said about Le Gustav in her blog post, except one thing:

After Chef Noor offers me a Chocolate cake ball, or a Red velvet ball (yes, they love me this much), the second I take a bite, I instantly get transported to another world full of happiness, joy, satisfaction, love, daisies, rainbows, marshmallow clouds, floating in the air, porsches... yes, those 2-3 minutes are simply heaven to me. Yes! Heaven!

I have been planning on grabbing my not-so-bad-camera and shooting those desserts, but hey.. you know how forgetful and lazy I am, so for now, just look at the lame iPhone's camera photos, and I promise I shall bring you much much better photos. It will also be a challenge for me to do some Dessert Photography.

Red Velvet Cake on the top. Chef Noor baking :)

More and more red velvets (Yes I love this cake)

Red Velvet Balls with Melted white chocolate on the top

Tarts with Pomegranate

Chef Noor pouring Melted White Chocolate on a Red velvet cake

Convinced? I am sure you are! Check the map of Le Gustav :)


  1. Liliane why did you have to do this to me? I promised myself that I'd keep away today from desserts today but I guess I know where this plan is going. Down the drain lol

    Beautiful desserts :-)

  2. Yiiii... thank you so much for the mention Lil!

    I miss Gustav sooooo much (especially the boys) and why did I have to see this post just before going to bed and an empty frige *cries*! :-)

  3. *drools* I'll be popping by on Monday definately!

  4. One more time you refer to the camera as not-so-bad or "it sucks", I'm going to flipping kidnap it and keep it ta7t tesi3 ared! 7ad l dvds :p

  5. Posh, are you back in Leb? if you are make sure you visit le gustav, for the desserts, and for the amazing hosts you will meet there

    Mich lol sowy :P shall I DHL you a Charlotte aux fraises? :D

    Moudz, do it!

    Greg :P law 7D el wa7ad bi oul, it's a good cam, but mish wow.. inno mish 7D :P btw, i want my DVDs, 3am ballish ajrim lol