Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sheep or Sheep or Sheep or Wolf?

There are four categories of individuals in this world. There are those who are of type Sheep A, the second category are Sheep B, the third is Sheep C and the last type is Wolf.

What is the difference between the sheeps A, B and C
Sheep A is in the lowest level of the pyramid. Sheep A actually is a sheep who follows sheeps. In consquence, Sheep A is extremely stupid, does what its told, and think that by following Sheep B, he/she is actually doing something smart. Only because, if he follows no one, he feels bewildered, lost, insecure and vulnerable. He/she cannot make it on its own.
Now Sheep B is of a higher authority than Sheep A, as he is a leader on one hand and a follower on the other hand. He is malicious and evil! He follows because he needs a lot of money in order to preserve a life of pleasure and power over the smaller sheep. He leads, because the higher power cannot directly lead as they will become a direct target.
Sheep C, is the sheep that rebels, says no, thinks, defies, wonders, demands, and speaks. Sheep C unfortunately is also a sheep. Because even though he doesn't follow, he sure as hell doesn't lead as well. So he's back to the sheep category.

Last but not least, it's type Wolf. Wolf is on top of the pyramid. Wolf has a low-profile. Wolf is never ever attainable.

Which category are you?