Wednesday, September 29, 2010

People I respect

I respect a person who takes risks and follows their dreams, especially after failing prior. I respect people who put themselves out there. I respect people who pick themselves up after failing. I respect people who still work hard even at an old age and try to make a change. I respect people who still come up with new ideas and try to make them happen.


This post is dedicated my brother and my father. I believe in you both. And to several friends, you know yourselves, I respect you for not giving up. You inspire me.





Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Migraines and me

Migraine cause ‘identified’ as genetic defect


Thank god I don’t have these severe migraines anymore. I used to have a migraine once a month at least, and strong ones, luckily I am one of those people who don’t mind throwing up (sorry for the disgusting visual here), even though I cry every time I do because it’s one of the worst feelings someone can go through, because throwing up due to migraine is… different. Anyway, so when I throw up a couple of times, somehow I cleanse my body and I become able to sleep still. Yes, all migraine people know it, soft pillow, no light, no sound, and no moving even for one millimeter.


But why am I not having migraines anymore? Because I am undergoing a laser treatment, as I suffer from TMJ – Temporomandibular joint disorder. And guess what, about 60% of people suffer from it, there are different levels of course. I started the treatment last December (2009), I go twice a week to the doctor’s. And since then, all my neck and arms pain are gone, I still have headaches, migraines come in a much lower strength, meaning I can still make it through the night, out with friends or talking to people instead of falling on the ground and lying there. YES, many times I used to stop walking and just lay on the ground.


Oh, what does migraine have to do with TMJ? Technically, there is no such thing as migraine per se, it’s either TMJ or epilepsy. So, if you suffer from migraine, I suggest you get your jaw checked, and not by a dentist, my Dr. is actually someone who studied general medicine, specialized in dentistry and stomatology and jaw treatment by laser (about 14 years of studying). His specialty is very rare, comes from German research and doesn’t exist much in the world. I am a firm believer that this is something people need to be aware of. If you want to know more, really don’t hesitate to contact me.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Armenia Day 7 and last one. A trip to remember

I loved that there were flowers everywhere in Armenia - This is in Garni, the last pagan temple to stand in Armenia

This was also taken in Garni. On that note, trees of pomegranate are also called Trees of Life :)

Red Leaves... *sigh*

I know this post is too flowery, but I had to mention how much I love daisies

Garni - looking at the valley, there is a river called Avazan

The rocks are something aren't they - Garni

Garni, the last pagan temple to remain in Armenia after all were destroyed once Christianity was accepted as a state religion in the year 301

Oh Yeah

This is Geghard church, a church part carved in the rock part built, Truly a wonder. I loved this church. 

Geghard church, notice how all churches have 4 columns and a window on top. Tradition. We were lucky that our Tourist guide chanted in this church manifesting how it echoes. A really touching moment.

"Wish upon" tree. You basically hang anything from your clothing or belongings near a holy place, in this case Geghard. Oh one person even put an "always" nylon paper :P I put a wet wipe :$

This is taken with my phone btw, my camera's battery died on me. Beautiful sight indeed, this is Avazan river near Geghard

Geghard church, part carved part built by 2 dynasties

Bread with some sugar inside, really delicious.

And this was my last stop, the cascade, but I did not go up those stairs, I truly was tired hehe
Last 5 photos were taken with my phone so :/ bare with me. Anywho, I want to thank you guys for following up on those last 7 days, it's the 2nd time I travel blog, and first time I do it in that way. I really enjoyed it, every time I shot a photo I was thinking of you and you and you... I know am a very amateur photographer, but I do hope I was able to translate the beauty I saw in Armenia (Yerevan, Sevan, Garni, Ejmiyatzin, Geghard, Ararat Valley, etc...)

And for those who are expecting a souvenir from me, they're with me, some of you I will see on Tuesday, stalk you then ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Armenia Day 6 - Get started, joy, happiness

Started my day by going to the Armenian history museum, unfortunately I forgot the memory card at home, so I was carrying my camera for nothing. We got ourselves a guide, which I definitely advise you to do if you visit the museum. In a nutshell, Armenia is very rich in history.

Then we moved to a restaurant called "Charentsi 28", which is actually its address. Having a very "house-like" look, this restaurant situated in Yerevan, actually offers a mixed cuisine. Meanwhile let me drop a note, Armenian cuisine in Lebanon is much richer and more delicious than the Armenian cuisine in Armenia. On the other hand, Charentsi 28, run by a Lebanese and Syrian peeps, had some very delicious dishes.

Outside of Charentsi 28

Isn't that so house like? also loved the daisies on all the tables
Izmir Kebab, very yummy, has all the sujuk spices. I also recommend the Mussaka

To wash out all this food we ate, we headed to Ararat, the cognac factory, for some cognac tasting. As soon as you get into the factory, you get high on the smell itself. I must say, I loved it, cognac is my new favorite drink.

Much much cognac
And the autumn leaves have started to fall

Fancy a bottle?
First drink is to get you in the mood, second for joy, third for happiness, and forth for craziness, and that is why you should stop after the third
That was Ararat Cognac 10 years old. The older the darker
Finally, I fulfilled my fantasy which I have been craving for since I arrived to Armenia, and that is to walk alone in its streets and have a coffee in one of its café trottoire while reading a book. So I did some shooting on my way.

Square town
Another church which I coincidently saw. Looks abandoned. It was full moon
See the reflection in Armenian alphabet?

I just love these kind of balconies, like old Tripoli back in Lebanon, or in Gemmayze
This lakes turns into ice in winter, and people would ice-skate 
Shaurma (shawarma I guess?)
It's nice to have public gardens and benches for people to rest on (latcheh lal dawle el lebneniye  hayde)
While reading "The monk who sold his Ferrari", just perfect for my trip

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Armenia Day 5 - Genocide

Today's photos are mostly concentrating on the Armenian Genocide. I will not lecture you in history here, just google for more info. All I am doing is reporting what I saw today. I have to admit, it was the closest time I felt close to my origins.

I also have to confess, that as horrible as the genocide was, in some weird twisted yin yan way the world works, it made the world what it is today, Armenians are everywhere in the world because of it, I, and many others, are here because of it...

Those people died in the most horrific manner, Turkey, f*ckin RECOGNIZE ba2a the Armenian genocide that killed 1.5 million Armenian !

A bench, passed by or sat on by hundreds of thousands probably, how much more powerful can a bench get
Plaquette near the planted tree by the Lebanese President in recognition of the Armenian Genocide
Rape, violence, starvation... Armenian Genocide. 
The 18th of October 1915 issue of Russian paper "Iskry" with the article entitled "Extermination of Armenians in Turkey"
Photograph of an Armenian woman starved to death with her 2 children, in Syria - Armenian Genocide Museum
Call for help for the Armenians during the Armenian Genocide
"Bird's Nest" Orphanage of Armenian kids in Jbeil - Lebanon
City after city and country after country recognizing the Armenian Genocide
The memorial building of the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide
The flame still burns for the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide
Where my grandfather came from "Dyarbekir"
I was hoping for more autumni like trees for my photos, but I only got this one
Hribsime Church
One of my dreams came true, taking a close-up of a butterfly :) Am I lucky or what
Hribsime Church
The inside of the patriarchal church in Armenia. The oldest church (4th century) in Armenia, knowing that Armenia was the first country to adopt christianity as their state religion
More stone carving
Be water
The oldest church (4th century) in Armenia, knowing that Armenia was the first country to adopt christianity as their state religion
Zvartnots church, which was one the highest churches to ever be built, after standing for 320 years, it collapsed, either due to an earthquake or as a result for Arab raids
Casinos on the way back from the Airport towards the center of Yerevan. Also notice the fence, this is to separate the mini-highway from all the shops on the sides to avoid traffic from parked cars or cars wanting to stop at these places. Smart eh? 3a2beil Lebnen (specifically Zouk - Adma highway)
The road was full of such stores, it just reminded me of Ouze3eh :P