Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kylie - Part VII

... placed them on hers." *

I always wondered what the forth dimension really is. Traditionally, they say it's time. So how can time be a forth dimension? I think I understand how. The concept of time is pretty complexe and pretty simple at the same... time. When they kissed, they did not grow older, night did not become day and winter did not become spring. She simply felt like she existed forever. The moment itself, propagated throughout the whole universe, or at least this is how she felt.

*- "There is this thing I've invited to. I don't want to go but I have to!" complained kylie.
- "Then don't go!", he screamed.
- "I told you, I can't, it's something important for my self-image at work! It's important! Don't make it harder on me!", she screamed back.
- "Do whatever you want!" he replied.

She got pissed, got out of his car and slammed the door. He did not wait for her to regain intelligence, he started his car and drove away. She cried as hell that night. She couldn't ask him to be with her, he didn't understand that it's something she had to do, and bringing him along, will be extremely boring for him and worriesome
for her.

That night she went to her thing. She was there. She preserved her self-image, the image she worked hard on regaining. Regaining because due to her previous relationship, she sort of messed up.*

Emotional blackmail, and mental stress do not make you more productive at work, or anywhere for that matter. Would she rather be with him? Of course she does. Would he? Most definitely! Then why are they disputing? What's wrong? Why do couples sometimes make things worse while if they both look deep inside, even not that deep inside, they will see that all the arguments, all the accusations, all the yelling is only because they love each other so hard that they found out that the world is only a place that means nothing if one is not there for the other.

Perhaps they don't believe that good things happen to good people. Is it too good to be true? The human being has been trained all his life to dream about happiness, to dream big, but when it comes they are not as happy as they thought they would be. Why? Because they'd rather diminish from their positive feelings in order to prevent being hit in the face, with disappointment, failure or criticism.

Or maybe they're doing all that because they know they're getting too attached to each other, and losing each other is out of question. It's the first step to loneliness, isolation, alienation, craziness and sorrow. It's not a cliché, it's not drama, it's reality.

*- "Want me to pick you up? I'd hate for you to get back home that late!" he expressed with worry.
- "Don't worry, I will be home some, a colleague of mine will drop me off. I will call you as soon as I get home." she answered and calmed him down.*

But the beauty of such a relationship, of such sincere and honest communication is that in 1 minute things will go back to heir course.

*- "Are you going to take that offer? If yes, how many times will you come back to the country per year? Will I see you? What's gonna happen to us?" she blurted with multiple questions all anxious.
- "Babe, am not sure I'll take the offer. We'll see"
- "But, it's a good opportunity, I'd hate to think you would change your career path just for me, I'd hate that!" she said with tears in her eyes awaiting any word to explode.
- "What's wrong with changing my path just for you? you see, I ..."

Gotta go back to work, have a deadline.

Nuking the Fridge - Movies most ridiculous moments

I was so happy to see this article, very funny. It's so true,
sometimes the movie is seriously fun to watch, pretty impressive,
pretty eye-catching, but suddenly I don't know what happens and
Hollywood people throws you with an utterly ridiculous scene... why?
whyyyyyyyy!??? whyyyyyyyyy??? *dramatic style*

Check it out here:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Friendship lost

True that life teaches us to be strong, ready, on-guard, aware, it teaches us at one point not to expect too much, and that's just a way to protect ourselves. When we don't expect too much, we won't get disappointed. I, on the other hand, forgot this lesson, and expected a bit more than what people can deliver. Silly me.

Friendship is sacred for me. It's not just a relationship existent between two people who share common hobbies, common interests, share laughs and listen to each other nag. It's much more. I had a beautiful friend once. I hope I brought joy to her heart as much as she did to mine.

... I won't expect too much. Not all people are wise. Or maybe, they don't care enough.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas fellow bloggers the simpsons way :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

As mom put it

"28 years earlier I was having cramps and was going to have you! Happy Birthday mom"

Last year I spoke about age, this year? I got my fucking Canon Rebel XS 1000D WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :D:D:D

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa, this year I want...

The idea of work still surprises me at certain times. I suddenly realise I am at work, I am at this location that is called work. A place which I visit everyday, 5 times a week, I wake up and go there, spend the required hours and leave. It's really a bizarre thing. The strangest of all this, is me, me being at work, participating in this weird cycle, who would've thought I am a 9 to 5 person (actually 8 to 5:30)... One day, one day I will do what I want.

Christmas commcercials are so funny, I can hear them saying at one point "Buy a Sony Cybershot and get a Dodge Charger with it :D"

I try to wonder if I ever leave this life, will I be missed. Surprisingly, I don't care, I am recently doing things, nice things for others, but not because I want them to know I did it, or thank me for it, or remember me after I'm gone (wherever that place is), but because I just like adding this innocent feeling of laughter and chilling and relaxation for people, it makes me happy to see people happy.

I don't know what's gone into me, maybe I ate a lot of baked potato or maybe I have been visited by the 3 ghosts of christmas! The difference between Scrooge and myself is that he was greedy and rich, and I am .. let's say slightly rich, if I compare myself to those people who are starving to death in Africa, but am also generous, the feeling of not giving a fuck about money is ecstatic.

Nevertheless, I would love to have a lot of money, I want to carry the money in my hand and throw it, I want to send poor children to schools, I want to be able to provide educational orientation and guidance to those who are confused about their future, I want to be able to look at people and give them the opportunity to be the best
they can be and choose the best thing for them. I want to help create the best society. And best of all, I want to organize dinner parties for people, for free, or maybe let them pay and give the proceedings to encourage pesons with physical or mental disabilities to work and be productive. I want to be able to get the best rock, blues and metal bands to play concerts in Lebanon. Music has to be introduced to every single soul! And of course Operas.

I want to make people happy and decent enough to respect each other even when they don't like each other.

And then I guess I wake up :)

Whatever, I believe to leave the place I was once in better than the way I found it.

Oh and I want to receive National Geographic magazines, how rude, I can never order them to Lebanon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Chef THE cabine?

In my previous post I said "Chef the cabine", I meant chef DE cabine!
It's so funny when we think, we hear ourselves think and write them
down without really focusing on the spelling, especially cause I was
writing in English and the expression is French... Ok khalas am sure
inno fhemto and you forgive me. Rude people! :P

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brainstorming with myself while at work and not working

The idea of returning and doing my PhD always bumps into my forehead,
sit in front of my eyes and waits for my decision. I always dismiss
it. Mainly for 2 major reasons:
1- PHD in computer science sounds boring for me and unmotivating.
2- Maybe it's just in my field, but I noticed that there are many PhD
professors who suck. And I know many do this just for the title.

In consequence, I am always sitting here and wondering of what I am
going to do next. Is it an MBA? I am so pissed that no one told me
what I know now. I wanted to do a PHD, and that's why I did a Master's
in Computer science, but now that this isn't what interests me, I find
that I should've done an MBA, especially that I did business stuff.

... Honestly? I still think about Psychology. I always wanted to do
something that has to do with understanding humans and human behavior!
How cool!

Anyway, I think next step should be an MBA, when and where? No answer yet!

For now, learning Spanish is doing it for me.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Be honest

Lying to oneself is nothing new. A lot of people do it. But a lot of people try to face themselves, try to see what's fake and what's true. But most of them don't know the difference, they think they're no longer in denial, living in lies and building upon wrong assumptions more dark thoughts and more erronous conclusions.

Basic principles of communication is: Go ask. Don't imagine things. Don't invent things. There is no need for dark thoughts, no need for bad intentions. Be honest... Be honest. Get it? Be honest. Go ask. Because really... you don't know. You think you know. Those people? Those bad energy people, who you say keep following you. Lock them out. Maybe you cannot do it physically. But the brains? the brains are an amazing thing. So lock them out mentally. Look at them, wait for them to finish, and then smile, tell them whatever they want to hear, then go. Yes, become a selfish asshole. Fuck them. It's your time now.

It's over, it's gone. There is no conspiracy, shit happens. Most probably for the best. Embrace it and move on.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

La Joie de Partager! - From Anta Akhi

Cette année "Anta Akhi" offre un joli paquet à l'approche de Noel.
Notre paquet contient 10 cartes de Noel dessinées par nos jeunes atteints de handicap, 8 bâtons de chocolat et 2 pots de confiture (170 gr chacun) produits par le SeSoBEL.

Le tout, joliement emballé et livré chez vous à 25.000 LL seulement.

Pour vos commandes, n'hésitez pas à contacter Chantal au 04.408890 ou par email: antaakhi[at]inco.com.lb

"Christmas package offered by Anta Akhi, it includes 10 greeting cards that have been drawn by handicaps, 8 chocolate bars and 2 jam pots (170gr each) (please check attached image) that have been produced by SeSoBEL, for the price of 25.000LL"

My own restaurant

Oh one of the things I fantasize about when I listen to the blues, is my own restaurant/pub, american style of course, with this music playing in the background, so people can still talk and hear each other, and I'd welcome people to this restaurant, people know me, I know them, live piano performances... *sigh*

Fine music

At least when we used to watch cartoon back in the old days *TOM AND JERRY*, we used to listen to fine music in the mean time. Ah the blues..

Am just happy I got 1 good bargain in Paris, I got a 3CD Set of ladies singing the blues for 8 Euros! Yey!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh and...

The French tend to translate their movies into French and even the
titles of the movies, so sometimes when reading the title you really
cannot make which movie it really is! Anyway I saw the translation of
Eagle Eye yesterday, and the translation was... *drums beating*
"L'oeil du mal"

Wlek shou khas? Don't they even at least watch the movie before
translating the title that probably took I donno how much for the
original people to come up with!


Ok rta7et nafsiyan :P But the crepe here rocks!

Yes Paris - No Poop

5 days and I did not step in poop in Paris. Why? Because I rock! Okay okay I've been careful and all. So I have today and tomorrow to make without stepping in poop. Do you think I'll make it?
The temperature is still the same, between 0 degrees and 5! But I don't longer feel that cold, so I think my body is immune sorta! Who would've thought!
That's paris for me! Cold and poopy! Ok ok am kidding, it's much more than that, it's a nice place, really, pretty good for taking photographs at night if you have a good cam that is, or at least a tripod. Either ways, I like it cause it has an amazing wide variety of things to do and places to eat in.
Funniest thing is, I looked up a toy store online, that is pretty close by, so I picked the gift to buy for my nephew, I went there, and it was a soirée privée, meaning you can only get to the store if you have an invitation! Argh! French w 7araketoun. So I left ... like a person who was not able to get a gift for her nephew! But I bought a white coat pour moi!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Paris, who would've thought I would feel this way.

This time felt different, this time is different.

While I was in the taxi on my way to the hotel, I looked outside... I
felt nothing. All I was thinking about was getting to the hotel, going
online and resting.

Last time?
Last time I tried to eat Paris with my eyes. As soon as I got to the
hotel, I dropped my things in my room and got out till the last metro
took me back.

This time?
This time, I went to the hotel, found that internet is not free, cried
a bit and held the "Don't try to cheer me up, I am disturbed already"
something like that T-shirt, I held it close, and cried. I want to go
back to Lebanon. 7 more days and I will be back.

The shower booth is so freakin small, I kept bumping into it. BLEH.

And I drank a 3 Euros bottle of water, barely half a liter (well it
was from the mini bar) I was too thirsty and no way I was gonna get
out in the cold to buy water!

Paris, who would've thought I would feel this way.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My brother

*looks both ways*
*okay no one's there, I can write from the heart...*

Just when you think you're having a bad day or a bad week, not necessarily bad, but sort of not amusing and not fun and not cheery "yey w yay"... but "ouf w leish"... something quite interesting happens, like someone you've know for 27 years and 10 months and 28 days, tells you that your opinion matters to him, that he sees himself in you, that your eyes carry the same dreams his eyes used to carry...

Moreover, you get to know someone you used to greatly admire, but you forgot you admire over the years, things make people part; bad things, life, work, family, location, but then again, one word, one blink can bring back two persons to that exact same point they both left at, however both equipped with more. More knowledge, more ambition and more dreams.

I like this day. I thought it sucked, but the things that matter most finally brought itself to the surface.

Friday, November 14, 2008

No no! No! You are not having a worse day than mine!

You know you're having a bad day when while happily eating your
custard you feel something between your teeth, you see, custard is
supposed to be "meyi3", and why is there something plastiky in your
month? So you bring your fingers towards your lips, you bring out
whatever is in you mouth with your tongue towards your lips, suddenly
your fingers meet... a cockroach's leg.

I am surprised I did not puke!

I hate you all!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kylie - Part VI "Crème de la crème"

... more than just eyes, she saw much more, and she felt much more. It was no longer just a look, it's a simple commitment, signed on by just looking at each other.*

Kylie was not experiencing an extra-terrestrial phenomenon or a miracle, it was simple Human Feelings 101. You've felt it, I've felt it. It's called love. People who fall in love with each other don't always have to say and spell things, they just see it and receive it.

*- "So what are our plans for tonight?" Asked Kylie.
- "I see..." He murmured. "So now it's become 'our'?" He demanded.
She smiled.
- "Yes." With an emphasis on the letter s. "Yes, what are OUR plans for tonight?" She said it while continuing to smile.
- "Am thinking we chill at my place, order some food and watch that DVD you've been nagging about for the past month. Whatcha say?", he enthousiastically asked her.
- "Sure thing! I like!" She confirmed.*

Ah... the simple things in life are sometimes what the doctor prescribes. Can you think of anything better and more relaxing than putting your feet up on the stool, eating pepperoni pizza and watching a good movie? I personally can't.

*Kylie was in her Sculpting course. She wanted to do something for herself, something different that her job line, she wanted to be as far away from where her clients might go, her colleagues might be interested in attending and her bosses dropping by! She decided to learn how to sculpt. Twice a week, pretty fun at the beginning, but grew to become rather difficult at later stages. However, she persevered, no quitting this time.

- "What time do you think you'll finish?" Nicely asked by Kylie.
- "Am not sure babe." He negatively replied.
- "Oh okay... well have a good night dear. We'll talk later." Kylie sadly answered.
- "Take care dear." He said.

While Kylie was coming out of her class, all pissed off at her lousy perfomance today, because she's pretty much stressed out from work, a lot of tasks, a lot of projects and deadlines concurring with each other. As soon as she got out of her class, there he was, like a dream, in his suit, no tie, the tie stayed in the car. He was standing there waiting for her and starring at the door from which she got out, waiting for her, his eyes did not wander, his eyes waited too.

She walked in fast pace towards him and gave him the most credible hug she's ever given. She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

- "You're here!" She screamed. "You're so cute baby"
He gave her his famous grin and said, "Am here babe."
He took her tools from her.
- "Let's take a walk"
- "Yey! Okay!" She answered excitingly.*

Sometimes Kylie behaves like kids, not in a bad way, but in a real sincere way. And she did when she saw him because she did not expect him to be there. She knew he had obligations and he was extremely tired. So the idea of him surprising her did not even cross her mind, thus her reaction was purely real. She was happy. How often do you feel really happy? And not calculated implicated concluded happyness? Yeah? Think about it. We've been taught to think happy and not feel happy, or at least this is my impression of things nowadays.

*- "You know..." She thought outloud. "Since I've been spending time with you, I just feel like everyone else doesn't compare to you, I just want to be with you and do even sillier things with you that really only feel like the best moments in my life. How can I have and experience such real moments with you, and then go and try to with other persons? How can I choose others over you? You are "crème de la crème". She babbled.
He kissed her. "Stop babbling babe, let's go grab something to eat!"
- "Oh you moron, you can't know when a compliment hits you in the face..." She stopped.
- "Yeah baby, just walk, you can't even get the come back expression right!" He laughed at her while pulling her towards him and placing him arm on her back without letting go of her arm.

She laughed. "You suck!" She pretended to say it with agony.
So he starred at her, and kept starring at her, they stopped walking. The noise around them disappeared. She looked at him and couldn't believe that such a moment can actually exist. She was there. Living it. So he leaned over with his big eyes, and she felt a bit dizzy. He leaned even more, with his pink lips he ... *

Am sort of hungry, so I will go have a soup!

Let life be the judge

Many times you feel like life is closing its doors on you, throwing tomatoes at you, creating multiple and various obstacles in front of you, tries to make you fall, magically creates a wall, tries to divert your route, and what do you do? you keep trying, because you think and know, were brought up to believe that you can and should do it.

But shouldn't you trust life? Don't you think that it's doing all this for a reason? And maybe you should just quit and stop whatever you're doing, maybe all you have to do is look to your right.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kylie - Part V

... got pissed! Because it showed she cared. He knew that this was a measuring tool.*

Of course, he's gentle enough not to do this all the time, but only at the beginning, when he needed confirmation and assurance for his feelings, nevertheless for another reason too... He was very good at making her feel better all over again.

*A week later has passed, and Kylie's first choice was him. Everytime she thought of something fun to do, she would call him. Everytime she felt lonely and sad, she would call him. Everytime she just called him to chit chat, he would call back later on and book her for the night.

"Tastes good, doesn't it?" He said excitingly.
"Yeah, it's not bad" She said with her mouth full.

It was very cold near the sea where they were having their nocturnal snack. Suddenly as he leans over to give her a kiss on the cheek because she looked so funny wearing his sweater with its hat on her head, it was then that he noticed she was shivering.

"Baby, tell me next time you're feeling cold, we don't have to sit round here. Let's get in the car". He said as he stood up and headed to the car to tidy it up a bit.

"So tell me, describe the woman of your dreams for me! I can tell that you would definitely pick someone pretty, hmm, more like a simple beauty. You like simply beautiful women. But what about her brains?
Hmmm, intelligent of course, silly question.
Fine, what about her character?" She asked him with a sort of worry in her eyes. Like what he is going to say next is something she will not like, something threatening for her. She felt like she had to compete with the woman he's going to describe in his next sentence.

He smiled and gazed at her.

"Are you still cold idiot?" he whispered to her.
"Whatever! You're never serious! You're the idiot!" She screamed back.
"Oh how mature!" He giggled and trying to tickle her.

He thought for a moment and told her, "come here! I can see you're still cold!"
She got pissed, moved even further.*

But the thing is, she is the one who is being an idiot because she didn't get what he just did. You see, he was not like just any other man, he didn't want to tell her the traditional, uncreative way that he's starting to fall in love with her, that when he goes to sleep all he thinks about, is her, and when he wakes up, he moves to his right looking for her face, with her head on his pillow, with her hair scattered in his bed and her body scent in his nose.
But no, she had to act like a kid.
It's okay, sometimes he does like that about her. Men like their woman to appear fragile, delicate and kid-like, makes them feel protective.
Women like being in the presence of a protective man as well.

*He frowned, and then with a sarcastic smile on his face, he continued "Do you want me to drop you back home?"

She's very stubborn, but one of her good traits is that she's wise, she knows when it's the right time to start working again on patching things up. But let's not forget she's got wit and pride, so she won't give up that easily, she threw the ball back in his court.

"Do you want to drop me back home?" She said with a sweet voice.
"I asked you because I felt you wanted to go back home!" He answered
back. He's stubborn too.

"Why did you get mad?" He gave it another chance.

"I don't know", she said like she was going to cry.
"I act like babies sometimes, I know why. But I don't know the timing
that manifests it." She confessed.

"Why do you do it?" He asked.

She thought for a long time and remained quiet before she blurted: "You know that with my parents' bickering and constant fighting while I was still 11 and 12 years old, I had to be the referee, I had to be the mediator between both and act like an adult while they yelled at each other over who throws the garbage and who doesn't... I didn't get to do that, there was no room for a third child in the family", she spoke.*

I told you that men like fragile and delicate women, of course, sometimes, and not all the time. He likes her strong and outgoing personality. Her being the center of attention, the tons of silly jokes she throws to make everyone around her comfortable and having

*He leaned at her and squeezed her with all his strength, well no not all, but he hurt her, and it was a beautiful enjoyable pain for her. "Baby!" he said gently.

"Act like a baby as much as you want when you're with me!" He said.

She looked at him, and saw it, she saw...*

I am actually at work, and suppposed to be working, so I will get back to working before I get fired.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I just feel like I want to dive in your eyes and swim in your head, and when I get out, I do not want to take a shower.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 16, tune in to radios and TVs

“Call for Life” is not just a title of the CCCL’s new project, It is CCCL’s message!
CCCL is calling for your support, for the support of all the community in its mission of saving young lives.
This unique project is done for the first time.
October 16 will be CCCL’s day on all TV & most radio stations of Lebanon. You will be seeing CCCL Spots & Ads all through the day (from 7:00 am to midnight) calling for donations. Read more here

Moreover, apparently, October is the month for raising awareness about Cancer, so Go Pink!

I would also like to link to this simple yet straight forward poem/post that reminded me about this issue. Actually 2 days ago, a memory crossed my mind that almost a year ago, I put a pink sign on my blog in support of fight against cancer, and I was wondering if there is anything happening this month too, apparently there is.

Hopefully with more awareness and donations for the fight against cancer, more people will overcome this ugly sickness and survive...

I believe those who have it are extremely courageous people, I know this one special dear person, who was that courageous and that serene... she was gone at only 19. I wish ...cancer sucks...

A simple reminder that Poverty still unfortunately exists - Blog Action Day 2008

Poverty is not a new subject, I believe it existed since the first forms of societies. Moreover it is exactly understood as back then it was maybe this consequence had justified causes and reasons, but now what justifies it?

The problem with poverty is the vicious circle that they sank in those poor people, and now who cannot get out of it. It is not only a deprivation of food, clothing, shelter and those common necessities that most of us take for granted, it is also the deprivation of opportunities to learn, go to school which would lead those people into not having opportunities to obtain a good employment.

There are many things you as an individual can do, or even better as a group, you can start by raising awareness on the subject, more like, reminding people that this sad situation still exists. And what else you can do? It's donate to those NGOs that do actually try to provide those common necessities to poor people and opportunities to learn in hope that one day they can go about it on their own.

This is Blog Action Day, and these are things and action you can do and adopt.

p.s. As the nice person who commented pointed out, www.freerice.com is actually a very easy way to help feed people, you just play a game where you guess the meaning of a word from a list of words, and for each right one, you raise 20 grains... Mish ktir, bass byejma3o (not a lot, but the add up at the end of the day)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kylie - Part IV

... she's inside. She didn't know what happened, one moment she was dining with him and the next she was inside this pub. *

Where the rain pours. Inside, where she's dancing in the rain. For her, raining outside or raining inside, she felt safe when she was with him, he was her umbrella. Do you have an umbrella? Someone you can rely on, trust and feel safe with? Kylie did. Many people envied her when she walked in that pub, I am sure.

*It was crowded. She shouted violently "That a foul you stupid referee!!" He smirked.
"Oh come on was that a foul?" His smile widened.
It was crowded. People bumped into her while passing through the pub*

She was oblivious perhaps. Shouting at a television screen, in a bar. At that time, the screen showed the team she was ruling for getting their asses kicked. She was oblivious. He wiffed the scent of her hair. She was still oblivious. She thought she was just there watching a game, and he's just with her keeping her company.

*A friend had a date, he came with them but it wasn't going too well though, someone else was hitting on his date. And he wasn't reacting to it.
- Did you notice that another dude is hitting on his date?
- Yeah I did, and she seems to be enjoying it" Kylie said with disappointment.*

He had told her once, how a man should take action in case someone hit on the woman he's with. Simple. Cut into the conversation. He would do it later on, months later, with a man who yearned for cameras. Photography was something that interested him, and cutting into the conversation was easy. But the team she was cheering for are still losing! Lets focus on what's happening in the pub.

*He told her to stand up. "Why?" - Just stand up woman.
And she did. Her bar stool was now infront of his, and she could lay her back on him. It was still crowded. The scent of her hair grew wilder.*

No arguments. Wow. She did not argue. She simply stood up, and allowed him to place her right in front of him. She was not oblivious anymore.
She was a woman.

You see, it no longer mattered who won the match. Something else mattered which both him and her started thinking about, gradually, which only time would manifest its meaning.

*There is this beach party, wanna come with?" She asked him eagerly as her friend can no longer come.
- Hmmm, let me think about it! Booz? Girls in Bikini? Dancing? ... NO!
- Hein?
- ... Fine I will go!*

What sometimes appears as a simple event, innocent coincidence, can turn out to be a life changing situation. Which both Kylie and her friend were not aware of.

So many times in our life we'd like to think that something happened for a reason, and to tell us something, and to guide us through life. But how often do things really happen for a reason which we did not account for?

*Are you going to swim?
- I will think about it!
- Okay fine, am gonna go take a dip, meet me in the sea if you want!
- Boy would I like to see Barbara take her top off!
- Oh you men only think of one thing don't you!" She said while getting pissed and swimming away.

What she did not know was that he watched her swim away, and that he had said that on purpose and that he enjoyed when she...*

Dishes need scrubbing. Better tend to them before mother has guests and they see the sink.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Marina 3 - 3aranis dara, min baddo?


or this?

I tried to play with the colors a bit, am not sure how successful I was at it.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Jbeil person

I stood there alone, in the middle of downtown Beirut, waiting for an sms from someone whom I've never met before. It was something that had to do with citizen journalism, and much more. I had just finished registering for learning Spanish courses. I finally did it.

I did not mind standing there, I tend to do it, to gaze aimlessly. She was wearing heels, and she kicked the football towards the kid, it was a bad kick, I could do better, but still, it was a nice gesture, I mean she was wearing heels. I saw it, the expression on her face, she
was so proud of herself and so happy.

I looked to my right, there was the army dude, I think he kept observing me, because I did look suspicious, starring at everyone,staying put, and checking my mobile phone every minute.

Downtown is not what it used to be, it's different. I couldn't really put my finger on what changed that really affected me, let's just call it, a feeling of unfamiliarity, of strangeness. I remember I used to love this place. I felt like I don't belong. It's okay I guess, I am a Jbeil person.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wish that was my account

I got to the ATM machine on Friday afternoon to withdraw some of my money (You know beginning of the month and stuff)... so I got there and there was a receipt still hanging out of the machine, I usually just take it out and throw it, but this time I decided to look at it and this is what I saw!

Still didn't get the hint? Count the zeros :)

Friday, October 03, 2008

My new way of commenting

Okay, as I've already mentioned, I no longer am capable of accessing
blogger.com, so I cannot comment on you guys's posts.
For example, I am dying to write something on Mx9's post:

Don't you even dare go see each other without me! (Baddik tijeh Coco?)

Another post I want to participate in is posh's:

I want to tell Krys, we get to tell them how we witnessed the birth of
blogging :D and been a part of it!
Plus posh... you must've had a really serene time eh?

How am I posting this post? I got my secrets :P

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kylie - Part III

...In'n'out and pig it till we drop!"

Then she smiled... she smiled the whole way. They got there, he took the double, she took the standard one, with the extra special sauce of course. She watched him eat. And couldn't stop smiling!*

The thing is, sometimes people forget what happiness is really about. You're living in this moment, right? This moment, not the previous one and not the up-coming one. It's this one. How hard is it to enjoy this moment.

It's not that simple, you see, you have to be with the right person to do it, you have to be doing something cute, something simple, something true and something fun...

*"You're amazing, you know that?", she said it while smiling.
As he wiped the sauce of his lips with his tongue, he smiled back and looked at her and said: "Are you trying to get into my pants or something?"
She cracked up, and couldn't stop laughing and hitting him at the same time.*

She's genuinely happy with him, it's just fun, it's just a series of great fun moments! Do you get it? The peace she's feeling at this point. She's just threw this huge load off of her shoulder, and now she's with someone she loves and cares for, and most importantly, someone she trusts blindly.

*Slight smile... observing eyes, she drowned in his eyes, moving downwards to the side of his mouth, she saw a wrinkle... and then she saw many. The thing is, he only had one, but she saw many, suddenly his beard turned gray, and more wrinkles started being drawn, like blood going through new veins, around his eyes...*

How often do you see yourself ageing with someone? You know, there are those friends that you know, when you change jobs, or change countries, or change marital status, you'll lose, but there are those, who will remain with you till you grow really really old. You can see yourself sitting with them on the porch, sipping on hot tea, and talking about your fun memories and experiences together. This is what Kylie saw... with a bit more and closer than she thought she would.

*- So you're not going to ask me what happened?
-Hmmm! Why should I? Would it make a difference? Would you feel better? Would I have any added value on the subject? Drink your coke light babe! We have all the time to talk about it...

Instead of getting angry, she smiled again, she understood what he meant exactly. But something inside of her was tickeling her... she feels like she's in...*

My friend came over, I have to go and spend some quality time with her. Sorry again!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ridiculous weddings!

Marriages in Lebanon are becoming more and more "Mazahir" like
(Showing off). Yes I know this is old news, but the amount of money
couples are setting their minds into spending on their "Weddings" (and
not marriage) is ridiculous.

I know a couple who are still barely paying for the furnishing and
renovation of their new obtained house (which they still have to pay
its installments for the next 20 years), who have set their minds into
spending 25 thousand dollars on the wedding, and finally realizes that
25k is not enough and are now looking into spending 35k. So finally I
asked the bride-to-be all ashamed of my butting in, but I couldn't
stop myself:
-"Excuse me for asking this curious question, but do you have this
amount of money?"

She replied with a big "No!" followed by a cute giggle.

I couldn't help but say something which I usually refrain from doing
to people's faces, I said: "Inte mahboulé!" (You're an idiot!)

I continued saying that I understand things are getting ridiculously
expensive, but this is getting out of control, with this money you can
send off one of your kids to a private college, you can buy a new car,
you can go on an amazing honey with the quarter of that amount, you
can do a lot of things.

Lebanese people are such vulnerable and superficial people sometimes,
that they forget what this event is really about! I am not saying
cancel the whole day, I know most of little princesses dream of this
day most of their lives, but a white dress, a nice tux, family and
friends around when you say the "I do", good food and good music, do
not cost 35k! Mashouna!

DUDES! WAKE UP! Rou7o nbosto into!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't wanna sound like a pompous ass

A lot of people keep telling me to grow my nails, being a woman and
all, it would make me look classy or trashy (depends on the color).
They asked why I don't, and this was my answer:
"I like to differentiate myself from dead people when we go bowling
together everything Thursday night."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Answer this!

You! Yes you! I am talking to you! You know! You? The one who's reading this post! You're (most probably) facing a certain problem, this problem of yours, do you think money would solve it? Hein?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kylie - Part II

... bad person!*

The thing is we are so caught up with so much unnecessary vocabulary, such as rotten, evil, hurtful, asshole, egghead... that we rarely now use the word "bad". Bad person... I personally think it is the most approriate word to use in so many occasions and in her case it was pretty adequate. Don't curse, don't describe, don't go eloquent ... just say it the way it is.

*I can't believe you did this to me! I can't believe that I forgave you the first time! They say "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!"

He's just standing there, looking directly at her face*

How rude of him!

*There were several women in the shop, checking the items there, but the way Kylie came in and slapped him... They were mesmerised actually! Not shocked, not curious! But mesmerised by how beautiful she is, how ugly he is and how strong her slap to him was! They respected her*

Women sometimes tend to succumb to ... assholes, lazy asses, women beaters, cheaters, gamblers, to men who are not men, who do not put food on the table, who do not give time to their children, who do not take them out on Sunday afternoon to play and spend some quality time with them, men who do not care about anything but themselves. So when women see a sister stand on her feet, a sister who finally decided to get out of it all, slap the bad person and leave, they just feel proud of her. She gives them hope.

*She drove on root I64, she wasn't sure why she chose this highway, she knew she was going to end up in another state, but she didn't care anymore, she did not want to think, to decide and to make choices. She drove. But deep inside, she knew this highway, she knew which exit she was going to take next and which turn to follow. And she did.

She pulled off to the side of the road and stayed in her car, she was actually shy and extremely self-conscious, not about what she did today, but about the past years when she was blinded by... stupidity! Because saying Love here is not the right word, not at all. He knew it, she didn't.

*Tik tik* She turns to her left, he was there at the door, smiling. Not a full smile, not a sarcastic smile... just a smile. A smile that only he can smile. She looked up and smiled back at him. She put the window down and he stuck his head inside while his hands sat crossed on the car door next to her.

He looked straight in her eyes and said something to her that she never thought she would hear him say it considering the circumstances she's going through right now. She started laughing hysterically.

- Damn you!
She kept laughing, looked down and then looked up and he was still smiling, but this time it was a wide smile showing off his perfectly aligned teeth.

She said "I missed you".
He nodded. "Hop in, that thing you drive sucks, so hop in with me".
He walked towards his car, she locked her car and followed him.

-Never ever call my car a thing you asshole!" She smiled and stuck her tongue out.
-I will call it a thing and there's nothing you can do about it, little missy!
-I can't believe you said that to me while we were in the car! You're crazy! Seriously? This is the best thing you can do? Can't you see my eyes are all teary and red, and my nose is like Rodolph's? My voice is barely heard and tis is all you came up with!

She imitated his voice and tone and said: "Let's go to...*

Sorry I have to go again, my favorite TV show is on.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kylie - Part I

The long awaited post by *sounds like a car breaking so fast to an old lady crossing the road... The driver, a 32 year old woman, shocked by the enormous feeling of confusion, decision making and extremely rapid heart beating she has just experienced over the split seconds* who exactly?

Are you with me? *Walking in a mall, looking for something and not knowing what exactly!
- Why are all people walking towards me, how come I am the only one walking forth? Or maybe they're the ones going the right direction!*

But it's okay, don't judge her yet, she's just confused, many people are! Weren't you at one point? *Loud voice, startled her immediately, that voice! That accent! Hispanic?
- Is this what you want?
God knew how much she felt hopeful in that instant, wishing that whoever it is, telling her about whatever it is, was what she was looking for exactly! She just wanted God's divine intervention.*

Understandable, completely and utterly understandable. Looking for someone to throw the answer to us, because we tried, worked hard, thought thoroughly, researched heavily, asked unlimited number of questions and listened infiniftely! But no answer was revealed, we might seem lazy, we might seem like we dig procrastination, but really, God's divine intervention, some people call it luck, other refer to it as coincidence and some simply think it's fate, has to do with so much.

*She looked to her right, she did not move her body, she just turned her neck to the east! She found him, a middle aged guy, pointing to an ice cream booth, waiting for his daughter to decide if this is what she wants! His 3 or 4 year old daughter, did not know the difference between Ice cream and candy! Not a bright child apparently.

She was so jealous of the decision the kid had to made, she prayed that her decision would come down to something so easy and not a life changing decision.

But she remembered, when she was a kid, many decisions felt like life changing for her when they weren't! Could the decision she had to make be relatively simple for her when she looks at it 20 years from now?*

Poor Kylie. Don't you think? Overwhelmed with so many emotions, so many thoughts and so many occuring and re-occuring factors that keep bewildering her into making the right choice.

*Boum, Dijj, crack!
- Fuckin'... shit... fuck.... this hurts!
But that severe pain awakened her... She suddenly realised where the hell she was, and what she really wanted.
She did a 180 degrees, almost did a sprint towards his shop, stormed in, slapped his ugly face, threw him a 100$ bill and said:
- I hate you! I despise you! You're despicable! How could you do this to me? You're a ...

Am sorry I have to go, the cleaning lady wants my help.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That's all folks

Thank you for listening, and as Frasier puts it: "Good day Seatle, wishing you all a good mental health"

p.s. For slow minds out there, I just stopped blogging! BLEH

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Vodka Gravol

That was actually one of our inner jokes, that is because of the large amount of Gravol pills that we took so we don't get sea-sick. It was fun, different, dizzy, relaxing, refreshing. There is a couple of minutes that I would like them to be removed. Other than that, it was a vacation. Yep, deserves to be called a vacation.

Dare to dream? Actually dare to live

Illusions Illusions, how dare we dream and change the reality we are living in. Most of my life I have discovered that illusions are much more exciting and interesting and fun than real life itself, but that is only because my real life was mostly unexciting, boring and uninteresting. The reason why it was like that, was me being afraid, afraid to read a different kind of book, afraid to scream, afraid to go to a new place, and afraid to have fun and show it!

Now, I am only realizing that life can be much more exciting, interesting and fun than illusions. Shocked, surprised, beaten up and happy.

The only way to be this happy, is to actually allow yourself to be this beaten up as well.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Un conte oublié :

I received this by email, hah, nice one indeed!

Voici le conte le plus court que tu n'aies jamais lu :

Il était une fois une jeune fille qui demanda à un garçon s'il voulait se marier avec elle.
Le garçon lui répondit ' Non ! '.
Dés lors la jeune fille vécut toujours heureuse, sans laver, ni cuisiner, ni repasser pour personne,
en sortant avec ses amies, en baisant avec celui qu'elle voulait, en travaillant et dépensant son
argent comme elle le voulait.


Le problème c'est que depuis que nous sommes toutes petites, on ne nous a jamais raconté ce conte. Et ils nous ont bien foutues dans la merde ....... avec ce putain de prince charmant !!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Awareness test

For those who live in Lebanon and possibly have a slow connection, pause the video, and then play it all at once!

I think this is one hell of a video! Seriously! Check it out and do the test! DO IT NOW!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Paris je t'aime


I miss Paris.

Red Bull and Vaya Con Dios part II

This is the only picture I was able to get, because I have the lousiest batteries ever! Worry no more, I will be getting a professional cam soon :D Next month's budget!

Anyway, a sequel to what happened yesterday concerning the Vaya Con Dios concert. It's been a long time since I wanted to attend a concert and listen to some nice smooth bluesy jazzy gipsy music. And I got to buy the ticket at the last minute online, because I needed to make sure it is right beside my friends' seats. We were supposed to leave Beirut together, but I rang like 4 times and each time for a long time, and no answer, I thought she probably forgot her cellphone, or forgot me or whatever! And as I have drank a red bull earlier, I was pretty hyper and needed to drive my hyperness away. So I did. Waiting till they call so I meet them somewhere, but by the time they did, I was already in Dbayeh, so I told them, I will meet them in the concert, I got there on time. Barely! I was alone, even the bus driver pointed that out "Coming to a concert alone?", and am sure he started thinking much more merrier thoughts of me riding with him in the bus (it's a service that Byblos festival provide, for people who park their cars a bit far), so I told him "No Thanks! the bus is still empty, and it will need time to fill, so I will just walk!"

I have this thing where I explain myself to strange people, or people I care less about! Why do I explain myself? I donno, it might be respect for others, it might be because I am pretty condifent of why I am doing something so I don't mind sharing the reasoning behind it!

Anyway, I got there, sat near two drunken old ladies (who were sitting in my friends' seats haha), but they were having fun, so who gives a shit right? By the time my friends got there, they sat on the stairs, so I joined them (I could've bought the cheaper ticket if I knew that was gonna happen, BLEH), we kissed and said hi, tried to catch up (during the two songs we heard), and then the band left the stage! DAMN that was hilarious! My friends seriously missed the whole concert! The band came back and performed a last hit song, which was pretty fun! And then we left!

In conclusion, I watched a whole concert by myself, kudos for me, I don't even go the movies by myself! And my friends missed most of it! Just so they can fix their hair! Even though they're going to the beach! WOMEN!

Something was missing from that night, because the music, was... so ... so right! Oh and ... and... I was hoping for more that night, but it's ok! There is always Today!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cheese, Mortadella, Vaya Con Dios and Red Bull

I was once punctual! Until I noticed that I always got on time while everybody else was late, so now, am no longer punctual! I just don't care!

I just ate a cheese and mortadella sandwich, and am craving a light coke, however I don't got one at home, so I found this Red Bull can in the fridge. I never drink Red Bull, but I recently purchased it and placed it in my fridge because I have been pretty tired lately, you can see fatigue presence on my face, even wrinkles around my eyes. So I drank half the can in hope that I will carry on an energetic night!

Why you ask? Because am going to Byblos to attend a concert, Vaya Con Dios! Will give you the review when I am back! or not! You can't make me!

I had to buy 1 ticket online and kept refreshing the page until I got the seat number right next to my friends (who had bought the tickets earlier)! Hah! Talk about freakin luck! I also had to use an online credit card, and I don't have one, so I had to ask my ex! Well yeah, we're still in touch, in hope to continue some sort of friendship, after all we were together for 4 years and a half! And I wouldn't want anything less than friendship!

I also discovered something about myself, something pretty positive!

Anyway, I am brushing my teeth now, for the second time in 10 minutes! So... No am not obsessed, I just forgot I didn't have dinner and we won't have time to eat before we get to Jbeil, and only remembered after I started brushing my teeth for the 1st time, so I made myself a quick mortadella and cheese sandwich, and here I am, brushing my teeth pour la seconde fois, oui! I ate cucumber with it!

Are you still reading? My aim is to bore you to death! Seriously, go away!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

bi ma inno tarakna

bi ma inno tarakna
bi ma inno tarakna el 7ayet hiye yalli tmashina
w mish ni7na nmashiya w n2ella wein badna nrou7 w amtin badna nrou7
bi ma inno tarakna
bi ma inno tarakna 7alna nenjar
nenjar bi kil shi mfakrin 7alna inno meskino w inno kil shi under control
bi ma inno tarakna
bi ma inno tarakna el moujtama3 y2assir fina
w y2elna kif netsarraf w 7ad aya point 3ala hal check list lezim n7ot juste

tarakna? eh
bass mish lezim netreka teflout min idna
3am be7ke 3an el 7ayet.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

No more crazy posts

Okay okay, I can see that my crazy posts are not getting any reactions. So, I will stop them, and go back into writing boring stuff, you boring readers! *roars*

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The one-man world

So this man is actually God, he noticed that heaven was utterly boring and decided to create a man, so he did. But this man was very ridiculous, he would just sit there and do nothing, so he took one of his ribs, and created another himself again, and this apple tree, and so long and so forth.
One day, this man had a country, and he was his own people, he voted and became president, but he didn't like how he as president was a dictator, he did a revolution. Later on, he started liking the revolutionary him, so he as president was so jealous of the revolutionary El Him, so he got assassinated, and he stayed President, dictator.
He was also the president of another country, and he invaded himself, him and his army, that is him. He took over the new country and joined it to his and called it the United States of MAN.
Consequently, he as man, was at this jazz show, but he was very angry at how much tax the government, he, was taking from himself, he also has been just fired by his boss, him. He hadn't eaten or slept for days, he was only drinking and drinking, until he got kicked out by the bartender, he, from the pub, and he walked along the street of NewMan, and ran into his boss, he. He was so pissed at him, so he grabbed a knife from the floor, that a hobo he threw, and killed his boss, he.
He was sent to jail. The guard, he, made fun of him. But later on he bought cigs and gave them to the guard, and the guard let him out. And he was free again.

He saw life from a different perspective. More flowers, more green, brighter sunshine, lovely birds cruising the skies, laughter and kids playing and screaming. Families, musicians, couples holding hands, tall skyscapers, corn, hotdog sandwiches, scooters, ...

Are you scared?

Are you scared that you will get a bad grade on your exam tomorrow?
Are you scared you wrote your homework with the wrong pen?
Are you scared you didn't finish your task on time?
Are you scared you won't get that loan for that car you supposedly like?
Are you scared you won't get to hear someone call you mama, or papa?
Are you scared you won't be "successful" and make that enormous salary that people will be jealous of?
Are you scared you won't be able to buy that new set of leather sofa for your feng shui living room?
Are you scared you won't find that shoes to die for, in your size?
Are you scared you will hear someone criticize your un-branded jeans?
Are you scared you will look "natural"?
Are you scared you fucking stupid piece-of-art fool?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Last night

Speechless in Paris is more like it, I had so much to say for the past two nights, but I had left my laptop at work (because it's also the laptop I work on), and it was a drain carrying it back and forth and especially when I go hang out after work, and am sure you know by now that there is a lot of walking around here.

The last 3 nights were just perfect, I did the last two things I wanted to do, it is go to Louvre and go on the bateau mouche, but also, I got to see another 2 of my friends and eat at the Paradis des fruits *coughs-overrated-coughs*

This is my last night in Paris, and my last night in the hotel. I might never come back here and I might come back to live, no one knows, but I did say goodbye to the metro, to the hotel, and tomorrow to Paris.

But the most important conclusion that I drew from all this is... how easy I felt integrated, and right in my place, not when the metro is too crowded, that I can never get used to.

Hasta la vista baby, so long suckers, and TADA to the next place I visit.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Day X+1

You know how people drive in Lebanon, when they don't let anyone else pass, they jump their cars in front of you because they want to go before you and faster than you? And they cross you over, and move in front of you, or cut your way so they can pass, even though it is clearly your road.

Well they do this in Paris, with walking!

Check this McDonalds's location, isn't it just beautiful? It's small, it's in the middle, it's old, and it's McDonald's

Dogs here are like ants (mitel el namel) in Lebanon, there are so many, just look at this one!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Day X

I donno which day it is anymore, maybe 8th? Anyway, I got a book with me today to the metro, you know, the cool me, blending in with the french dudes and dudettes, but to my surprise, and I guess it is because it is early Monday morning, it was packed, I couldn't breeze, I had 6 or 7 stations to go, and the last 2 stations I started sweating and felt like I was gonna faint, and kept telling myself, visualize the metro empty, you are alone, there is a lot of oxygen... No, it did not work!

After I got to work, hell broke loose, too many projects to work on, not so much time, need to finish everything for production soon, still I did not panic! Later on, J told me that there is once again a problem with the whole trying to get a house loan thing, and it was a big one, nevertheless I did not panic, I reflected: "Whether you panic or not, nothing will change!"
No no, am not that deep, I didn't panic, because if I did, things would get much worse, things WILL change.

Later on, I left work hoping to meet up with any of my friends, but they all ignored me, yes, YOU and YOU and YOU.... Okay okay they have busy lives, I understand, I would've done the same thing too. But right now, I am my own center of the universe, and I wanted to hang out, but I didn't I went straight to my hotel, luckily my cousin who happens to be in toulouse, called me and kept me company from the beginning of my LIGNE 3 journey to the hotel. I had to end the call because my battery is dying. Now, don't worry, she's on life support.

After a while, I got hungry, so I followed my heart hoping to find that shaped logo, and to my surprise I did find it, I ordered a meal "sur place", it wasn't good, but it was food.

Actually people who know me will be shocked to know I ate at McDonalds, cause I hate it in Lebanon, and now I hate it in France! I usually eat at Burger King, but the last time I ate at BK was 27 December 2007. Yes I remember the date, because it happens that I LOVE BK, but I hadn't eaten there since because I got food poisened. I should've known better and not take the OFFER they had, because it's usually old. Luckily I vomited all of it, the f*cking acid in my stomach was killing me, orelse I would've gone to the hospital for sure!

Bi khsous talking a lot, you have to forgive me, but talking French all day is so agonizing that I have to vent in English at the end of it.

Fa fichez moi la paix trou de derriere!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Day 5?

Tip of the day for when you are in Paris:
"Look down when you're walking, or you will be stepping in dog poop, and stay in denial for an hour saying, no no it's chocolate ice-cream"

Funny scene happened yesterday, you know at metro stations here they distribute free newspapers, those that have light articles and a lot of ads. Anyway, after I got into the metro, the doors were closing, then people ran fast towards the door (I used to wonder why they did that, now I do it too), so I think the driver saw them and opened them again, but they closed so fast, and this woman's newspaper got stuck while she was still outside, unlike the usual, they re-opened the door, but the newspaper fell down, so she bent down to pick it up, and another woman came in the metro running and the door closed again, and the first woman got stuck outside, for a free newspaper! Haram!

They sell fruits here on carriages on the corner of the streets, it reminded me so much of Lebanon: "2 Euros, 2 Euros les cerises, venez achetez de cerises, 2 Euros. Madame, vous voulez une Bakette (basket?) de cerises pour 2 Euros?"

Several times, I come to refer to the hotel I am staying in as home.

The below pictures were taken in Mont Martre, where Scare Coeur is.

An old house, so beautiful.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Day 4

Ah well! One thing in Paris for sure is that the bathrooms are always clean, because they're scarcely used! French people don't hate me, but am just doing some statistics here and comparison with my home land!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Night 3

Me trying to read a map
De toute façon... My utter shock today was how expensive this restaurant I got invited to is, and I swear I wouldn't eat the things in it for free. You know, moule, escargot, faux filet, bli bla blou... And all the time I spent today were either at work (stayed till 19h30, like yesterday, and then went to meet my cousins, stayed in the resto till midnight, then metro, BLEH)

I slapped myself today when I noticed that I started thinking in french. My eyelids have been closing since morning today, I think I really should get more sleep...

In conclusion, Paris day 2, Night 3, was okay. I can do better tomorrow!

Oh and I bought a bag (SUKKUMEN = Sac à main) today, because mine is torn in some places! yey for me, it was cheap 27Euros, which is almost 42USD, which is 63000LL! AHH

Oh, okay fine I get it, people love reading here, but I didn't know that it went that far, today a girl was walking in the metro station holding a book and reading it, not a small newspaper article or something, no a whole book, while walking!!

And I saw several women wearing business skirts riding a bike. And several riding a motorbike! That I like!

Near place de Bastille

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Day 2

As much as I was amazed by Notre Dame, I have to tell you, Paris smells like Pee! Anyway, day 1 covered work, had some problems adjusting my working environment to here, but at the end of the day it worked out! When I was leaving, it was raining a little bit, so I bought an umbrella! Yey for me. Then met my friend, went on the bus and I saw the Louvre (from far).

The hotel reservation problem has been solved, so am staying in the same hotel. But I was kinda downgraded, I was moved from a bigger room to a smaller one. *cries*

Here are some pictures :D Turned out I have a memory card reader in the laptop, silly me, I didn't notice it yesterday!

I am thinking of calling in sick tomorrow to work :P Mih

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Night 1

I really surprised myself! I actually was not afraid on the plane tonight (more like yesterday)! I was cool, read the newspaper, watched a coupla movies! All good.

Then I arrived to the Charles de Gaulle airport, went in a taxi to my hotel to find that my reservation was cancelled, but you know what? I didn't care, luckily I was able to reserve for the night, and we'll see about tomorrow! Then my friend came over and picked me up. We went to the Opera, place de vendome, champs elysees of course, had a drink and grabbed a quick chicken burger from QUICK! Finally, I went back to the hotel by myself, alone, in the metro, can't believe I just did that! It really is so simple!

Someone told me to grab every opportunity that hits me in the face, and I am trying to do that. Let's just hope I stay awake for all of them, coz am darn tired and sleepy!

No pictures yet, I brought the wrong cable for the cam with me from Beirut! Alileh rasseh?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Poor Jessica Biel

First item to be crossed over from my new todo list (which has been set since October 2007) is the 2nd checkpoint! Paris, j'aghive. This list is a hard one, a long term one, but there is always hope.

Checkpoint #6 is probably the hottest one, and people waiting for me to actually accomplish it... but seriously! Jessica Biel? Me? She's trying her best, but it's a tough one. She even sent me an email begging me to tell her my secret, I told her: "Jess, sweety, take a hold of yourself, I really do nothing, this is how I am, but you, you have to work out 6 times a week, with weight cardio, jogging and all that, and eat a strict diet... you have to, little people like you struggle to become amazing like people like me!"

She cried, and thanked me endlessly, after praising me for an hour!

Yep, that was my dream yesterday :P

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's not midnight yet

It's not midnight yet
I can still stay awake
I don't want to go to sleep
I want to go to a lake

Ok ok, enough with the lousy poem attempt. It's just that it is not midnight yet, for me, it means am not breaking the rules, the rules that nobody put, nobody knows of, and nobody follows, except for me. This is my time of freedom, my time, for me, and I get to do whatever I want, before I go to sleep. I can still stay awake, because it is not midnight yet. It is my time for me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy thoughts and whatnot

Write from the heart. A piece of advice I received lately. How do you write from the heart? Do you like connect your keyboard to your heart? Or do you move your eyes to your heart?

It is amazing how we know that when we think, it's actually from up there, from that egg shaped ball that we call head. Even if we don't study the anatomy of the human body, we can sense that all the processing of the perception of the outside world is done inside our own Arnabita! It looks like one, it also looks like naked walnuts, or like irish cream thrown in liquor, also known as BRAIN DAMAGE shot :P

Can you imagine if your eyes were in your stomach? or better yet, on your toes? Okay crazy thought, but what if, our eyes remain in the same location as now but our brains are in our foot. We'd be dumber, you know, since it will take longer for the perception of the outside world to reach the brain, and then its response to travel back up, possibly out from your hands or mouth or even your eyes. You know, eyes are not only an input device (computer term, i.e. Keyboard and Microphone), it is also an output device (also computer term, i.e. Screen, Sound Blasters). Because I personally can speak with my eyes, I actually once ordered a hamburger with them!... Without onions and with cheese.

Maybe this is why it is faster to speak than it is to write or type. It's all related to how far an organ is from the brain! So genius of me!

Ok really, am not high on anything. I am just writing from the heart. I got a feeling that I am going to click on the SAVE NOW button instead of PUBLISH POST. I am so silly. And I like it :)

You know what? I am gonna click on ....

Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's always personal!

People tend to misunderstand all the time, which leads them to assume things and jump into conclusions, and take actions. Actions such as stop talking to someone, learning how to dance, learn a new language, learn how to fight, fight back, learn some mean quips, hate, judge, curse, hurt... The list is long.

On a very low level, individual to individual, sometimes things can go bad. And in order to comprehend someone, many things should be donw such as understanding where they came from, slowing down on the judging, trying more to reach out, transforming our hate into love, all that in order to be able to fix things. But, it's so hard sometimes, so difficult, and it does now always deem successful for us to fix things.

So how about a high level. Although the word "high" is not really meant in its honorable state here. How can, two groups of people, listening to one side, seeing one point of view, afraid of the other group, scared for their own exisence, beleiving in a certain idea... How can they understand where the other group comes from, slow down on judging this other group, try to reach out more to them, transform their hate into love, their xenophobia into trust, in order to fix things?

Balance of evil and good in this world, some say it's necessary, but what happens when evil is more ubiquitous than good, when balance is no longer just, when bad things occur more than good things, and when people drown and sink into hurting more than helping?

And what is worse, some think that they're helping while they are really hurting!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ahhh finally

I've been preparing myself for writing this post for quite some time, read a whole bunch of my fellow bloggers which I haven't paid a visit to for a long while, so am here, I read some articles, checked some pictures, commented on things, took an apointment for a friend of mine, an interior designer, to check the house we're getting and what we can do with it... clearing my mind, preparing myself, inhaling, exhaling... am cool. Ready...

And then I get invited to go eat a Kafta sandwich with Joe, and I realize I have to do the dishes before he comes and picks me up...

So... Am sorry to disappoint you, but no great post today. Come back tomowwooow

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Women`s Day

Kafa - Enough violence and Exploitation.

Kafa is a non-profit organization, dedicated to help women and children who are being abused verbally and physically.

This is their contact info and address:
Address: 43, Badaro Street, Beydoun Bldg., First Floor, Beirut - Lebanon
P.O.Box: 116-5042
Helpline: 961-3-018 019
Website: www.kafa.org.lb

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bill Gates is now only the 3rd richest man in the world?

Bill Gates was the world’s richest man for 13 years but this year he has dropped to third on the Forbes list. The Harvard dropout and Microsoft founder is also one of the world’s most generous philanthropists..
Wow, respect man! I guess he is no longer the richest person in the world because he donated in billions! I remember last year he had $71 billion.

This time, Lebanese descendent, Carlos Slim Helu (now referred to as Mexican), has become the 2nd richest man in the world. ($60 Billion). Good thing is that he also helps out.
Helú has donated almost $7 billion to projects in Mexico City.
Ok check this guy out:

IKEA’s billionaire founder Ingvar Kamprad: it is said that, in spite of the 81-year-old's wealth, he still drives a Volvo and flies economy class.

(Respect to the IKEA guy too! 7elo rasso eh? I can't wait till I can start flying first class, badna nmid ijrayna wlo!)

And compare him to this guy:

Lakshmi Mittal is known for his spending. In 2004 he spent an estimated £34 million on his daughter’s wedding...
There are families in Lebanon that live on 250$ per month! I think I read somewhere, some families in the poor countries live on a single dollar... This world is not balanced!

The wealthiest woman's name is Liliane Bettencourt, heir to the L’Oreal fortune. (There is hope for me I guess)

Last but not least, the youngest richest person in the world is no stranger but our dearest and closest friend, Mark Zuckerberg, the FACEBOOK guy! He's only 23, and Forbes estimated his worth at $1.5 Billion. Eh mish 3atlin!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pretty weird

TADAAAAAAAAADue to public massive demands, I am writing another post (by public massive demand, I mean AM's comment: "Wlik waynik") :P.

End of February, beginning of March seems to be the month of change for me, am not sure if I am to accept this change, or just experience the possibility of having a change in one's life. Why is that? Maybe it is here to only teach me some more things about myself. This change is on a couple of levels, personal and professional. So yey for me!

I should check the horoscope, maybe they're saying something about this. Okay, I did not check the horoscope, I am sagittarius, anyone knows anything about it?

Anyway, what I learned so far, is that if you think you know everything, then think again. ("DUH" is the word am expecting you to wonder at this moment, but bare with me, I am looking at it from a different point of view, so come look with me)
Just when you think that you have things under control, and you know what you want, you get a job interview just out of nowhere. You show up, planning to only do the minimum required, because you really don't want that job, and if you're like me, and has been asked a question, you cannot but answer honestly, and in consequence, the honest answers (from someone like me) gets you the job.

Years ago, I used to think of myself as a very smart person. And I really think I was. I was smart because it mattered to me a lot. I worked hard on thinking in a smart way (yes, you're not only born smart, you actually need to also increase your intelligence through various ways). However, I have reached a point where I don't think am so smart anymore (even though my IQ is higher, my general knowledge has increased, got a savvy experience and my technical skills have improved), yet I feel less smart (don't care the same way I did). You see, for me it is not just a matter of GREATER THAN ">". It should be GREATER THAN WHAT I SHOULD HAVE BECOME at this point of my life. Anyway, I hope I keep up this motivation, seriously man, if I am as motivated as I am today, Einstein would be my pet! And his nickname would be 7ayfa. (Don't ask why)

In deed, this is the secret to intelligence. It is just wanting to know more, learn more and do more. If you're lucky, you would be born a little bit smarter than the average joe, and you get a head start.

Finally, I would like to exempt you from commenting on this post (this is a trick, because if you comment than I will know you did not read the whole thing *evil laugh*), because I can obviously see that it's long! But not boring :D, right? Am not boring! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


There is this passage in the bible (don't remember it exactly, but only the moral), about a man giving 3 people money and who came back after a year to see that one spent it all, one hid it and one invested with it.

I remember I thought when I was young, that the one who hid the money, and kept it as it is was the one to be rewarded by his master, because he did not risk losing it, so he can return it in full. To my surprise, it was the one who invested with the money, that had actually done it right. I hadn't understood it for years, I insisted that it was the one who hid it, that should've been the right choice.

But now and for this I think, does anyone know if I want to invest, where should I start?

Monday, February 11, 2008

I know am messed up, do you?

Ahhh the beauty of messy-ups! The various, the creative, the horrible messed-up some persons can be.

I know I am, do you?

Same as there are the semestrial exams at schools, and the midterms and finals in universities and such, I have my own... trimestrial or monthly (it depends) test, verification, examination, check-up, whatever you want to call it.

And I love it, it's a long process, always accompanied with depression, anger, frustration, tension, pressure, rudeness, self-consciousness, insecurity, vulnerability, susceptibility, concentration and lack of concentration, confusion... nevertheless and never failed me till now, it always ends with inspiration, clarity, assurity and confidence.

It doesn't last long, before the next exam is due. But am bound to graduate some time, right?

So long suckerzzzzzzzz!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Wish I can be as cool as this guy

So much for being inspired and motivated, I can't ever write a decent post. For me, it's important. Not because I want to show off my writing skills, because I humbly say, I am not a good writer. By good writer I mean, those people who use words that no one understands, metaphors that only waste time for someone to finally comprehend them. Nevertheless, if everything in life is straight forward, then it would be as boring as hell.

Anyway, losing my temper quickly is something I have tried to overcome over the past years. I can't deny that I have become much better at controling my temper. moreover I am less emotional than I used to. Although there is one thing I was not able to get rid of, and that is moodiness.

Moodiness in my opinion is for the weak and susceptible. I, on the other hand, like to think that I am strong and in control. However, some people just know how to get on my nerves, and they're usually close people.

Mathematically speaking, I can eliminate the close people, by implication the problem. Or psychologically blablaicly speaking, I can try to look inside myself, listen in depth to my thoughts and feelings and see what is really bothering me, and begin healing myself starting that point.

Freakin duh, I know what's wrong and there is nothing I can do about it at this moment! Let me give you a slight preview, which many will most probably refer to as nagging.

Buying a house <-- Needing money <-- Making money <-- Job itself gets nowhere, therefore need to find a bright idea or make business of my own <-- No capital to start <-- Find an investor <-- You're in Lebanon <-- Stop giving excuses <-- Okay fine, I will do a business plan and run it by investors <-- Okay fine, now pick the good idea <-- I have none, all the ones I have are when I am sleeping, then I wake up and forget them <-- Idiot <-- Thank you! like you're not, you're my brain and I use you to think, so you're the idiot <-- Fine whatever, live in the moment <-- I am and it sucks!!!

Ok enough, now you guys know a bit of how my brain and I function!