Saturday, July 26, 2008

Un conte oublié :

I received this by email, hah, nice one indeed!

Voici le conte le plus court que tu n'aies jamais lu :

Il était une fois une jeune fille qui demanda à un garçon s'il voulait se marier avec elle.
Le garçon lui répondit ' Non ! '.
Dés lors la jeune fille vécut toujours heureuse, sans laver, ni cuisiner, ni repasser pour personne,
en sortant avec ses amies, en baisant avec celui qu'elle voulait, en travaillant et dépensant son
argent comme elle le voulait.


Le problème c'est que depuis que nous sommes toutes petites, on ne nous a jamais raconté ce conte. Et ils nous ont bien foutues dans la merde ....... avec ce putain de prince charmant !!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Awareness test

For those who live in Lebanon and possibly have a slow connection, pause the video, and then play it all at once!

I think this is one hell of a video! Seriously! Check it out and do the test! DO IT NOW!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Paris je t'aime


I miss Paris.

Red Bull and Vaya Con Dios part II

This is the only picture I was able to get, because I have the lousiest batteries ever! Worry no more, I will be getting a professional cam soon :D Next month's budget!

Anyway, a sequel to what happened yesterday concerning the Vaya Con Dios concert. It's been a long time since I wanted to attend a concert and listen to some nice smooth bluesy jazzy gipsy music. And I got to buy the ticket at the last minute online, because I needed to make sure it is right beside my friends' seats. We were supposed to leave Beirut together, but I rang like 4 times and each time for a long time, and no answer, I thought she probably forgot her cellphone, or forgot me or whatever! And as I have drank a red bull earlier, I was pretty hyper and needed to drive my hyperness away. So I did. Waiting till they call so I meet them somewhere, but by the time they did, I was already in Dbayeh, so I told them, I will meet them in the concert, I got there on time. Barely! I was alone, even the bus driver pointed that out "Coming to a concert alone?", and am sure he started thinking much more merrier thoughts of me riding with him in the bus (it's a service that Byblos festival provide, for people who park their cars a bit far), so I told him "No Thanks! the bus is still empty, and it will need time to fill, so I will just walk!"

I have this thing where I explain myself to strange people, or people I care less about! Why do I explain myself? I donno, it might be respect for others, it might be because I am pretty condifent of why I am doing something so I don't mind sharing the reasoning behind it!

Anyway, I got there, sat near two drunken old ladies (who were sitting in my friends' seats haha), but they were having fun, so who gives a shit right? By the time my friends got there, they sat on the stairs, so I joined them (I could've bought the cheaper ticket if I knew that was gonna happen, BLEH), we kissed and said hi, tried to catch up (during the two songs we heard), and then the band left the stage! DAMN that was hilarious! My friends seriously missed the whole concert! The band came back and performed a last hit song, which was pretty fun! And then we left!

In conclusion, I watched a whole concert by myself, kudos for me, I don't even go the movies by myself! And my friends missed most of it! Just so they can fix their hair! Even though they're going to the beach! WOMEN!

Something was missing from that night, because the music, was... so ... so right! Oh and ... and... I was hoping for more that night, but it's ok! There is always Today!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cheese, Mortadella, Vaya Con Dios and Red Bull

I was once punctual! Until I noticed that I always got on time while everybody else was late, so now, am no longer punctual! I just don't care!

I just ate a cheese and mortadella sandwich, and am craving a light coke, however I don't got one at home, so I found this Red Bull can in the fridge. I never drink Red Bull, but I recently purchased it and placed it in my fridge because I have been pretty tired lately, you can see fatigue presence on my face, even wrinkles around my eyes. So I drank half the can in hope that I will carry on an energetic night!

Why you ask? Because am going to Byblos to attend a concert, Vaya Con Dios! Will give you the review when I am back! or not! You can't make me!

I had to buy 1 ticket online and kept refreshing the page until I got the seat number right next to my friends (who had bought the tickets earlier)! Hah! Talk about freakin luck! I also had to use an online credit card, and I don't have one, so I had to ask my ex! Well yeah, we're still in touch, in hope to continue some sort of friendship, after all we were together for 4 years and a half! And I wouldn't want anything less than friendship!

I also discovered something about myself, something pretty positive!

Anyway, I am brushing my teeth now, for the second time in 10 minutes! So... No am not obsessed, I just forgot I didn't have dinner and we won't have time to eat before we get to Jbeil, and only remembered after I started brushing my teeth for the 1st time, so I made myself a quick mortadella and cheese sandwich, and here I am, brushing my teeth pour la seconde fois, oui! I ate cucumber with it!

Are you still reading? My aim is to bore you to death! Seriously, go away!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

bi ma inno tarakna

bi ma inno tarakna
bi ma inno tarakna el 7ayet hiye yalli tmashina
w mish ni7na nmashiya w n2ella wein badna nrou7 w amtin badna nrou7
bi ma inno tarakna
bi ma inno tarakna 7alna nenjar
nenjar bi kil shi mfakrin 7alna inno meskino w inno kil shi under control
bi ma inno tarakna
bi ma inno tarakna el moujtama3 y2assir fina
w y2elna kif netsarraf w 7ad aya point 3ala hal check list lezim n7ot juste

tarakna? eh
bass mish lezim netreka teflout min idna
3am be7ke 3an el 7ayet.