Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So yesterday, while receiving my laser treatment - (you know the whole jaw thing) - the doctor said that he's considering buying a boat. Being me, the know-it-all (pun intended for those who think I think of myself as a know-it-all), considering the sailing I did, and the fact that I know a bit about boats and sizes and stuff, asked him a couple of more questions, you know, making conversation.

Finally, he continued that he's really considering buying it; why? let me tell you why, he said:
- as a change of "routine".

I looked at him, while holding that glassed laser stick that I put on my jaw from the exterior, and felt like sticking the stick in my eyeball, removing my eyeball, throwing it on the floor and jumping endlessly over it, like Donald Duck does when he's pissed-off!

Change of routine...
You know how I change my routine? I eat at Apple Bee's instead of roadster's...

Truth is, that's not what I'm talking about, I don't intend to compare how people change "routine" life. I am talking about the fact how he told me that, thank you.. really... for talking to me about how buying a yacht is a change of "routine"... uh-huh...

I am a considerate person, I wouldn't put someone in this situation, that's just showing-off.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Is monogamy imposed on homosapiens?

Cheating? Old news
Cheating on the partner is usually the part that people focus more on. Even I focus on that part more; I always ask people what they think about cheating, would they cheat? do they understand why people cheat? do they forgive? do they forget? do they condemn? do they feel guilt?

But Jesus doesn't leave loopholes
But, it recently dawned on me, one of the 10 commandments, and no I am not talking about "Do not commit adultery", I am talking about this one:
"Do not covet your neighbor's wife"

This side of adultery is sort of forgotten, or people are oblivious about or simply ignore. You see, it takes two to tango. I know many people who say that for the reason they're single, they're not doing anything wrong, and entitled to do whatever they like. This would imply that it's the other one's problem, he/she is the one who's cheating...

Okay so let's talk math
Single person = X
Person they're cheating with = Y
Person being cheated on = Z

The excuses we hear from X's side:
- Y doesn't really love Z
- Z doesn't love Y anymore, Y is feeling lonely
- Z will never find out, we (X and Y) are having fun
- Y is bored of Z, Y wants something new
- Things got routinesh for Y and Z
- Z cheating on my Y
... hmmm, anything else?

Different POV - Point of view
This time, I want to look at it differently. I personally am not that much of a christian believer, but many things that are said in the bible, are quotes and ideas I really ponder about and respect.

Therefore this time, I noticed that Jesus (okay this makes me sound too arrogant :P)... anyway *shaking off the unintended arrogance*, Jesus tried not to leave any loophole, the thing is he said: Not only you shouldn't cheat but also don't tempt or envy someone for what they have and try to take it away.

Who's fault is it anyway?
Consequently the responsibility for this "wrong doing" is shared. Some people don't believe that the whole adultery is a wrong doing in the first place. Either ways, let's focus on the 2nd point here.

She thought it's okay to cheat
I knew a girl, who shared her experience with us, and how exciting it is. She slept with a married man, this man was only married to his wife for a year or so. She believed that it was okay.

But he doesn't
Another friend of mine, a real dear friend, said something to me which I really believe in, he said: "You can do whatever you want, as long as you're not hurting anyone else".

Your opinion?
So... what should X do? Should X feel guilty? bad? not give a damn? not feel responsible? not be concerned?

*Painting by Salvador Dali

Friday, July 09, 2010

10 things to spot a lady geek

1. Look at what's inside her huge bag and see if she has at least 5 of the things mentioned below:
  • External HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
  • Memory Stick --> the bigger the better ;)
  • SmartPhone
  • SmartPhone's Charger
  • SmartPhone's EarPhones
  • Bonus: iPod or another Phone
  • Bonus: Their charger's and earphones
2. She has internet on her mobile

3. Ask for directions to a place, and see if she sends them using a google map

4. See if she knows the difference between 2G and 3G and 3GS

5. She has at least a pc and a laptop at her house

6. She checks her email more than she checks her phone

7. When she wants to buy a gift, she takes a photo of it and emails it to another friend to ask her what she thinks of it

8. When you ask her a question, she WILL google it

9. When you tend to prove her wrong, she WILL google it and give you references

10. She's looking at her mobile for most of the time

Friday, July 02, 2010