Sunday, March 23, 2014

How do you take your happiness?

We go for months without any glimpse of happiness, and we are okay with that, we get used to that, we adapt to that and in fact that comfort is familiar and safe. Yet the second we taste that happiness and the flow of emotions and warmth that touches us, patience is no longer an option and we go out of our mind and body to try to get  that moment of happiness back and persist on it lasting for much longer than one moment, today, tomorrow and as far as our temporal imagination can take us.

So what is happiness? What does happiness really mean or really entail. Is it a hug, is it the unexpected gift, a kiss, a gaze into someone else's eyes? That moment when everything felt so beautiful and just right? A moment you did not deem possible and certainly not with that person who you didn't know a week ago or that last person you thought you will have a moment with.

Is happiness a checklist imposed by society? Everyone seems to think so, so my question is: how do you take your happiness?

Happiness only exists in a moment and then shortly after that, the memory of it; which you keep trying to recreate for the rest of your life.

And sometimes you don't want to go to sleep because it will only take you further from the happy moment you had on the day.

So tell me, how do you take your happiness?

All the single ladies

As human beings, we have been brought up to believe it’s crucial to find someone, be with them and build a life with them. It creates this insecurity, this constant feeling of being aware that you’re single, and that when you're single, you’re wrong and you’re doing life wrong. Like you’re missing out on something grand.
Peer pressure can get independent women to fake dependency. It gets to women at one point. Women should keep an eye on each other.

It’s sad that it’s frowned upon single women. As this woman is "less" and not a whole human being. It drives women to hastily hookup so they can achieve being validated as proper women. And certainly, I disagree.

We pressure ourselves because deep inside we are afraid to be judged. Truth is, deep inside a woman only judges herself, and the only thing she should do is silence that inner voice that is a collection of judgmental personalities around her which keeps her from being and from leading an emotionally healthy life. Finally, come what may.


With more experience and new adventures, the quality of emotions get better. The standards of your feelings are higher.