Friday, June 13, 2008

No more crazy posts

Okay okay, I can see that my crazy posts are not getting any reactions. So, I will stop them, and go back into writing boring stuff, you boring readers! *roars*

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The one-man world

So this man is actually God, he noticed that heaven was utterly boring and decided to create a man, so he did. But this man was very ridiculous, he would just sit there and do nothing, so he took one of his ribs, and created another himself again, and this apple tree, and so long and so forth.
One day, this man had a country, and he was his own people, he voted and became president, but he didn't like how he as president was a dictator, he did a revolution. Later on, he started liking the revolutionary him, so he as president was so jealous of the revolutionary El Him, so he got assassinated, and he stayed President, dictator.
He was also the president of another country, and he invaded himself, him and his army, that is him. He took over the new country and joined it to his and called it the United States of MAN.
Consequently, he as man, was at this jazz show, but he was very angry at how much tax the government, he, was taking from himself, he also has been just fired by his boss, him. He hadn't eaten or slept for days, he was only drinking and drinking, until he got kicked out by the bartender, he, from the pub, and he walked along the street of NewMan, and ran into his boss, he. He was so pissed at him, so he grabbed a knife from the floor, that a hobo he threw, and killed his boss, he.
He was sent to jail. The guard, he, made fun of him. But later on he bought cigs and gave them to the guard, and the guard let him out. And he was free again.

He saw life from a different perspective. More flowers, more green, brighter sunshine, lovely birds cruising the skies, laughter and kids playing and screaming. Families, musicians, couples holding hands, tall skyscapers, corn, hotdog sandwiches, scooters, ...

Are you scared?

Are you scared that you will get a bad grade on your exam tomorrow?
Are you scared you wrote your homework with the wrong pen?
Are you scared you didn't finish your task on time?
Are you scared you won't get that loan for that car you supposedly like?
Are you scared you won't get to hear someone call you mama, or papa?
Are you scared you won't be "successful" and make that enormous salary that people will be jealous of?
Are you scared you won't be able to buy that new set of leather sofa for your feng shui living room?
Are you scared you won't find that shoes to die for, in your size?
Are you scared you will hear someone criticize your un-branded jeans?
Are you scared you will look "natural"?
Are you scared you fucking stupid piece-of-art fool?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Last night

Speechless in Paris is more like it, I had so much to say for the past two nights, but I had left my laptop at work (because it's also the laptop I work on), and it was a drain carrying it back and forth and especially when I go hang out after work, and am sure you know by now that there is a lot of walking around here.

The last 3 nights were just perfect, I did the last two things I wanted to do, it is go to Louvre and go on the bateau mouche, but also, I got to see another 2 of my friends and eat at the Paradis des fruits *coughs-overrated-coughs*

This is my last night in Paris, and my last night in the hotel. I might never come back here and I might come back to live, no one knows, but I did say goodbye to the metro, to the hotel, and tomorrow to Paris.

But the most important conclusion that I drew from all this is... how easy I felt integrated, and right in my place, not when the metro is too crowded, that I can never get used to.

Hasta la vista baby, so long suckers, and TADA to the next place I visit.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Day X+1

You know how people drive in Lebanon, when they don't let anyone else pass, they jump their cars in front of you because they want to go before you and faster than you? And they cross you over, and move in front of you, or cut your way so they can pass, even though it is clearly your road.

Well they do this in Paris, with walking!

Check this McDonalds's location, isn't it just beautiful? It's small, it's in the middle, it's old, and it's McDonald's

Dogs here are like ants (mitel el namel) in Lebanon, there are so many, just look at this one!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Day X

I donno which day it is anymore, maybe 8th? Anyway, I got a book with me today to the metro, you know, the cool me, blending in with the french dudes and dudettes, but to my surprise, and I guess it is because it is early Monday morning, it was packed, I couldn't breeze, I had 6 or 7 stations to go, and the last 2 stations I started sweating and felt like I was gonna faint, and kept telling myself, visualize the metro empty, you are alone, there is a lot of oxygen... No, it did not work!

After I got to work, hell broke loose, too many projects to work on, not so much time, need to finish everything for production soon, still I did not panic! Later on, J told me that there is once again a problem with the whole trying to get a house loan thing, and it was a big one, nevertheless I did not panic, I reflected: "Whether you panic or not, nothing will change!"
No no, am not that deep, I didn't panic, because if I did, things would get much worse, things WILL change.

Later on, I left work hoping to meet up with any of my friends, but they all ignored me, yes, YOU and YOU and YOU.... Okay okay they have busy lives, I understand, I would've done the same thing too. But right now, I am my own center of the universe, and I wanted to hang out, but I didn't I went straight to my hotel, luckily my cousin who happens to be in toulouse, called me and kept me company from the beginning of my LIGNE 3 journey to the hotel. I had to end the call because my battery is dying. Now, don't worry, she's on life support.

After a while, I got hungry, so I followed my heart hoping to find that shaped logo, and to my surprise I did find it, I ordered a meal "sur place", it wasn't good, but it was food.

Actually people who know me will be shocked to know I ate at McDonalds, cause I hate it in Lebanon, and now I hate it in France! I usually eat at Burger King, but the last time I ate at BK was 27 December 2007. Yes I remember the date, because it happens that I LOVE BK, but I hadn't eaten there since because I got food poisened. I should've known better and not take the OFFER they had, because it's usually old. Luckily I vomited all of it, the f*cking acid in my stomach was killing me, orelse I would've gone to the hospital for sure!

Bi khsous talking a lot, you have to forgive me, but talking French all day is so agonizing that I have to vent in English at the end of it.

Fa fichez moi la paix trou de derriere!