Monday, March 22, 2010

Help from bloggers required

Help required (by me) from bloggers who are Lebanese or blog from
Lebanon, so please do check this link for more info, I am waiting for
your participation. I prefer Audio or Video participation, but text is
still okay ;)

Muchas Gracias amigos

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Next level of Internet addiction

I think the next level of internet addiction for me is to actually install a chip in my brains that is constantly connected to the internet. Constantly, and I'd be able to google with my own frown...

I wanna tell you about Starday

I really believe that there is a day missing in the week, there must
be something after Sunday and before Monday! Imagine, 5 days of work
and 3 of them weekend! Now that's something.

For one, it would've made the lyrics of Black Eye Peas song "I got a
feeling", flow better, so instead of repeating Saturday twice, they
can simply mention the 8th day!

Moreover, Saturday is for cleaning, Sunday is for family, so when you
get time for yourself? for outdoors adventures? for spending quality
time with friends. I really think we're on the wrong here.

An 8th day is a necessity! I demand it. It shall be called, Starday,
because on that day.. you get to be a star!