Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mind your own language

So the question is whether language does shape the way we think, the article starts with a theory that didn't have any evidence or experiment or proof found, at first meant to say that it obliges a person to comprehend certain things in a certain way because of the language, but then they elaborate that it is not what it does convey, but what it might convey, moreover it sheds light on how languages differ when it comes to gender differentiation to objects (feminine features, masculine features), to spatial reference (be it relative or constant, meaning ego centric or not, unconsciously always aware of geographical position), colors, memory, tenses of verbs and of certain realities, etc..

Anyway, this is a very interesting read, and I just wanted to keep it saved apart from the bookmark of my browser!

Enjoy reading it here.

p.s. I do know that we have some words in Arabic that do not have any translation in English or French, e.g. Al-Shawq.

If a word doesn't exist in your language or you simply never learned, does this mean you never learned the concept? Easy answer, of course not, how many times do you sit there trying to explain an idea, and then someone comes and uses one word to summarize it all? However, it really made me think that a language doesn't shape your mind per se, nevertheless it shapes how a person is conscious about certain things surrounding him/her.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I was happy, I truly was

This has been an ongoing argument between some friends and I. And the argument was about whether money buys happiness or not. They believed it does, I disagreed (weird enough). Why is it weird enough that I disagree? Because I am as superficial as it gets when it gets to expensive cars and traveling around the world and what not.


But, I also noticed that many times I look forward for something for years, and then when I finally obtain that materialistic object, I no longer care. So I can safely and surely say, money does not buy happiness in the sense where I buy things and I get happy.


Sure thing is that money provides or adds happiness to your life, if you know how to use it and spend it and create interesting activities with it, and opportunities for yourself and others.


One of my favorite moments was merely a lunch with family, a DVD with a friend, ordering food in, watching series on the laptop, ordering food again, just taking a walk somewhere, having a road trip with a new interesting acquaintance, taking a swim into the large of the sea, being in nature on a hammock (refer to the header of my blog!)… yeah, it is as simple as that for me.


A cliché is the fact that life is a series of moments, all you gotta do is be happy, this moment.

Monday, August 23, 2010

كما وكلما

كم من الليالي تستيقظ مريداً التغيير اوالوجود بمكانٍ آخر، وكم من الايام تستسلم حالمِاً الهروب الى النقاهة والى غمرة آمنة دافئة.

كلما اردت الكلام وجدت نفسك تفكر ان الكلام غير ضروري بهذه الحالة ولن يغير شيئاً ومن ثم الندامة، وكلما تكلمت وجدت نفسك تقول كان من الضروري السكوت لتفادي الوضع المأساوي من كثرة الكلام الفارغ الذي قلته والذي زاد من الطين بلّة.

كما تطلب من غيرك ان يكون قوياً مواجهاً الحياة وان لا يستسلم ويسلِّم جدلاً، كما يجب ان تتفهم ان الانسان لا يستطيع تحمّل القوة كل الوقت ويجب ان يتغلغل بالحزن والتعب لفترة... قصيرة طبعاً. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I almost forgot.. it's August 17

صارو 11 سنة... و انت  بعدك 19


انشالله تكوني مبسوطة محل ما انت.


انت دايما بعقلي.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Does marriage kill love?

Does love die after marriage? I know this is not a new question at all, it's just a question that has been on my mind almost all my life, and I never found a convincing answer so far. I feel like the married couples start hiding something from us, the single ones, they ask us to join them in that institution, but many (and I insist on many) look sad, look unhappy, look unsatisfied, and that is not an attractive invitation if I may say so.

So I come here today on my blog to try and understand, whether love is killed by the institution of marriage or does it perhaps transform into something else?

One day, the wife is the hottest woman on earth (after Angelina Jolie, Liv Tylor, Megan fox and Kate Hudson of course) but years later, she gets pregnant and has this huge belly in front of her and an even huger butt (I know I will look like that, you - the unknown - be warned); so will the way the husband looks at his wife change? 

One day he used to stare her in the eyes and tell her: "You have no competition, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, I can't live without you, bmout fike

However, will her having to take care of her kids, house, work, obligations, etc.. at a later stage in life become un-sexy, unattractive, uninteresting, un-challenging for him?

Does her lack of time to put on a sexy dress, watch her fitness, follow up on top gear episodes, challenge her emotions and intellectualism with new things and hobbies, or for example write (something he admires her for) put her in this position where she is no longer: THE ONE for him. You know, that woman that completely satisfies his existence?

Will marriage kill love? Is there a way to sustain this love, or to transform it into something different, yet beautiful? Or is it a lost cause, and people who would like to preserve love should avoid getting married?

p.s. Of course scenario can be vice versa on gender here.

p.s.s. I will still be locking this blog, I am just too lazy to do it, yet!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dreaming of telling a dream inside a dream?

I had a dream on Wednesday night, it was so crazy I had to share it, but I was so down, I didn't. So what happened on Thursday night is that I had a dream where I was with some friends in some weird looking coffee place, very spacious, in that lounge or whatever it was, we were about 10 persons, with only 2 persons listening to me (I am less interesting in my dreams it seems) telling them the story of... my Wednesday night dream.. in real life. Lost track? Did you see inception? I didn't have anything that indicates whether I am in reality or not, because usually I have lucid dreams and I can change the course the way I like it, but yesterday was weird!

What was the dream? Now I remember a fraction of it, something about a floating body in space, it was of this actor we have in Lebanon, called Fady (you know the guy who's married to Carine, the one who screams a lot and annoys the hell out of me), anyway, he was wearing a purple suit, with weird make-up, and floating in space around us in an old house, broken walls, so he entered through one of the holes and came towards us, then he started moving, let's just say I provoked the guy!

And while we were in this coffee place, we were actually waiting for a play for this guy Fady... and I was telling them that story in the sense of irony, you know? What a huge coincidence!

Yep.. that is my post for a Friday night :P

Inception writers can kiss my dreamy ass!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happiness on our own

The question for today isn’t: “Can we achieve happiness on our own?”, the question is, “Do we want to achieve happiness on our own?”



Friday, August 06, 2010

No marriage for you!

Yesterday mom told me to go through my pyjamas and throw the old ones out because she has some new ones for me. She continued by saying: "You know, the new ones are the ones I was saving for your 'Jhez'... but now I guess you can take them anyway."

I looked at her and said while laughing: "You gave up on the thought of me getting married eh?"

*Jhez: Is like a huge luggage that contains lingerie, pyjamas and stuff like that. It's when the girl's parents save those things for her so she can take it with her when she gets married, it's merely an old tradition, it was useful then, useless now.

Maybe I should tell mom to check why I'm not married yet.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

And they say rich are bad!

So far 34 billionaires have made the pledge, promising to give at least 50% of their wealth. Reuters reports that among the billionaires joining the campaign are "New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, entertainment executive Barry Diller, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens, media mogul Ted Turner, David Rockefeller and investor Ronald Perelman."

"Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are super-persuasive" <-- Yes they can, Buffet will be giving away 99% of his wealth.

That is something, that's beautiful. You guys rock. Bill Gates, I always admired and respected you for your start life, your struggles, your empire, and now all the philanthropic activities.