Wednesday, February 13, 2008


There is this passage in the bible (don't remember it exactly, but only the moral), about a man giving 3 people money and who came back after a year to see that one spent it all, one hid it and one invested with it.

I remember I thought when I was young, that the one who hid the money, and kept it as it is was the one to be rewarded by his master, because he did not risk losing it, so he can return it in full. To my surprise, it was the one who invested with the money, that had actually done it right. I hadn't understood it for years, I insisted that it was the one who hid it, that should've been the right choice.

But now and for this I think, does anyone know if I want to invest, where should I start?

Monday, February 11, 2008

I know am messed up, do you?

Ahhh the beauty of messy-ups! The various, the creative, the horrible messed-up some persons can be.

I know I am, do you?

Same as there are the semestrial exams at schools, and the midterms and finals in universities and such, I have my own... trimestrial or monthly (it depends) test, verification, examination, check-up, whatever you want to call it.

And I love it, it's a long process, always accompanied with depression, anger, frustration, tension, pressure, rudeness, self-consciousness, insecurity, vulnerability, susceptibility, concentration and lack of concentration, confusion... nevertheless and never failed me till now, it always ends with inspiration, clarity, assurity and confidence.

It doesn't last long, before the next exam is due. But am bound to graduate some time, right?

So long suckerzzzzzzzz!