Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stop writing, stop thinking and wait for it

To what extent will we keep saying what we think about and writing what we believe people will be interested in. Sending out your thoughts in binary form shared with the public has become a saturated behaviour, not blogging saturation, but thought sharing saturation. You might disagree with me and say there are still a lot to be said and a lot to be discussed, but do you really believe that right now, someone somewhere is writing something new? something evolutionary? something out of this world?

At what point should we stop and realize that it's not about giving, it's about taking. Taking things in. Yes that is true, one of the few times taking is promoted against giving. But that will be your gift, the taking, because by taking you are allowing others to give.

Stop words from flowing out, take a break, sit down and let it all come to you.

Stop saying all thoughts aloud, stop thinking. Because that thinking is useless. This kind of thinking is subjective and compromised. It's no longer yours.