Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Too much technology?

So a friend sent me a tweet (message - for the twitter ignorants) on
the public timeline, telling me to check my DM (private message - for
the twitter ignorants), in the DM, she told me to check my email, in
the email, she told me to make a phone call!

In the phone call she told me to check my twitter!

Okay the last one is made up. But I noticed that all this is supposed
to make our communication easier to execute.. I'm only noticing more

Remember that movie: "He's just not that into you?" - The character of
Drew Barrymore says she's being rejected in 7 different technologies!
How true is that?

Annnnyway! I knew I had a point to make when I first started this post
:P Now I don't remember what it was! Oh well.