Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chile miners to surface starting today

For some reason, this story touched my heart and I have been keeping up with its news. These guys in Chile (33 of them) were trapped for over  2 months (since August 5 due to a tunnel collapse), and the rescue was even foreseen to take place even later than now, but luckily search teams sped up with their rescue plan and it’s now ready.


Can you imagine being trapped more than 700 meters underground and there is no way out? Their psychological status is very delicate at this point, moreover they will be exposed to light after being in the dark for more than 2 months, they will be given some of sort of protection for their eyes, they will also wear a "bio-harness" designed for astronauts to monitor their hearts etc.. Once they’re out, they will be checked by doctors and they reunited with their families (noting that their families have been camping there since the incident, what an anticipation yeah?)


I was wondering how the selection will happen, will they start with the strong ones? Or the weak ones to get it over with? Apparently, they will start with the most psychologically stable ones in case something goes wrong, and then to the weakest and ill ones.


A capsule has been built, it will travel up and down (15 minutes to surface), and it is built in a way to resist any crumbling rocks over it.


Check the latest article here for more on this story.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kylie - Part X

"May I interrupt your playing on your cellphone while being at the most prestigious and important race in the country?" He asked.

"If it was so prestigious and important in your opinion, then what the hell are you doing here talking to me?" She rudely answered.

He smiled. He was now even more interested. He slightly leaned his head to the left and bowed, he excused himself and retreated.

She was in shock, feeling an ultimate urge to go to him, grab his arm and turn him to face her so she can say more things, but she didn't know exactly whether she wanted to vent, to blame him for her being in the stupid race, or to tell him: "Interrupt! Please."

She did, she walked in a fast pace towards him and said:

"I apologize, I really do, that was very immature of me, thing is my friends dragged me here, and I'm sorry... it's not your fault, and I vented.. and"

He cut her saying "Stop apologizing, I only wanted to say one thing." And he fell silent.

*She looked at him.. waiting for him to continue.. he said nothing, and she got it, this is not a guy who is annoying and clingy and superficial, that was a smart deep guy right there, he was honest obviously, but he wasn't easy to manipulate like she's used to! And guys who can get manipulated, aren't a challenge for her. So for her, he was a challenge.*

"And that is?" she impatiently replied.

"Do you like sushi?" he asked.

She opened her eyes even more, knowing she already has big eyes, she looked pretty surprised. "Excuse me?"

"Sushi... Japanese food.. fish.. you like?" He continued.

She smiled: "Yes I do, where are you taking me?"

*Pause: See what she did? She automatically presumed he was asking her out. It's not wrong to presume things, it's a faux-pas to imagine that saying it out loud will put her in that situation where she's the smart lady who anticipates thing. She didn't think twice whether that poker move was in her benefit or not. She just threw herself, she likes adrenalin rushes, and she never learns.*

He laughed: "Hmmm, now what makes you think I am asking you out?"

This is when she flipped, she noticed her wrong move and didn't know how to get out of it. She had to think fast, she kept looking around wishing a car would drift and make a loud noise, grabbing everyone's attention. He lifted his hand and placed it gently on his forehead swiping that bit of sweat that summer day was causing, and suddenly, she saw it.

Her IQ doubled, it was more than 300 now, she thought in lightning, she said eloquently yet with so much spite: "Well, it was a joke honestly, you know, a "sitcom" material scene, you know? Asking a married man who just came out of no where and spoke to me whether he's taking me out for sushi or not?"

*Now, that was an intelligent answer, she knew he wanted to take her out, she saw the way he was looking at her, and she saw he was interested and the lame excuse he used. But, she's a strong and intelligent woman and she wasn't going to fall for a married man.*

He smiled and said with confidence: "There is this excellent sushi place I know in downtown, tomorrow night?"

Her response was completely a puzzled one, she looked up and down, left and right, looking at trees and rocks beside the road, maybe they'll give her an answer. "What just happened?" she thought to herself. She lost at this game, the ball was no longer in her field.

She looked at him, not knowing what her answer is going to be, but for some reason she couldn't control herself and she just wanted to get over with this situation and said: "Tomorrow night? hmmm I don't..."*

I should go to lunch now. Stay tuned. Check out Part 9 and before

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Kylie - Part IX

*But she didn't follow. She was crying... Because she knew he didn't want her to follow him, she knew he wanted it to end before it got ugly, before they grew apart and grew as strangers. He wanted to keep that beautiful image of her, he wanted her memory to remain untouched, sacred and full of hope.

Months were gone by, Kylie found herself as a strong and independent woman. People around her were enjoying her company like she was some kind of celebrity, she projected positivity and wittiness. Yet, she was alone. For her, it was acceptable, she had come to terms with it. She felt like there was no need to be with someone in order to be happy, she understood, sharing a life with someone is her ultimate dream, but this wouldn't mean that she wasn't happy, it only means it was not complete.

She had to take a shortcut, there was too much traffic, and while at it, she passed by her ex's house. She didn't slow down, but she did take a long, a real long look. It is nice to know what that person is up to, and she thought to herself:

"Did he ever really love me? did I really matter to him? Or was it a mind trick?"

She had met her ex during a rally race. She didn't want to go, but her best friend dragged her, because her boyfriend had dragged her. So she went with them, but she had taken her phone with her on which she spent all her time playing. Cars were the least interesting thing for whole in this world.

He spotted her, she was totally his type, well, Kylie is everyone's type. She's small, beautiful, and has a posture models would die for, eyes that radiate intelligence, but face that manifests warmness. She saw him, but didn't care less. She thought: "Cute, but if he's here since 6 am to watch cars race, then well... definitely not my type!"

It was like he read her thoughts, she saw shadow near her and was immediately startled when he took her by surprise, held her arm firmly yet gently and said to her: "May I...*

It's getting a bit late and I should sleep, but should you decide to read Kylie's story (which I started in September 2008, and it had few loyal readers :), there are 8 previous parts already: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII

Friday, October 01, 2010

Breast Cancer might be around the corner, get yourself checked

Trying not to repeat myself from previous years and during every October, knowing that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month, therefore I will try to say something new here.

Usually women aged 40 and older are more prune to having breast cancer than younger women. So those women, I urge you to get a mammography every 6 months, if not, at least once a year. Moreover, if you have cancer history in your family, even if you're young do get a mammography, my best friend was only 16 when she got diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, she did not make it.

I have to admit though, she was a true fighter, I don't know how that happens, how women diagnosed with breast cancer, how a teenager for that matter, confront such an ordeal in such a strong manner.

I know mammography is not a walk in the park, but it doesn't really hurt that much, and you should be better safe than sorry.

Also note that, there are ways a woman can check for lump in the breast, and that can be done every month. There are many videos online, just google: "How to check yourself for breast cancer"