Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lilo Dali Multipass

So after waiting for years for any of my friends to notice my obsession with Salvador Dali and get me his book on my birthday, I finally decided to follow through and get it myself for moi (from librairie antoine online :P).

Now, what can I say except that this man is amay-zing. He's someone who did not let anything stand in the way of his imagination, he just lets go, and you can see that in his paintings (and from what I read, the movie he made "Le chien andalou"). I am still at 35% of the book, it includes his BIO, in addition to that when he drew what and what they suspect he meant by them, and many of his mind-blowing quotes. How often do you see someone that confident in himself? Ironic though, he was also shy. Which makes him even more interesting.

When you read about someone that grand, you cannot but feel some of that grandiose yourself. You feel like you can do something big as well. I will never be a famous painter, or singer or musician or dancer or photographer, I think Art isn't my thing. But my plan is to keep it real, and to be the best ordinary person I can be. How? I think it's simple. It's as simple as knowing what you want, being honest and true to yourself, and keeping a sense of humor while at it. Because really, why so serious?

I know, I am speaking about real, while Salvador Dali is the epitome of surrealism. But to tell you the truth, I have never seen anything as real as his work. 

I've been through many phases, my favorites were Ziad Rahbani and Che Guevara, and now it's Dali's phase, and all I can say is that I am enjoying every bit of it.