Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Under a black volcanic glass kinda rock

I finally saw The Shawshank Redemption. The top 1 movie on IMDB.com. I am not going to tell you the plot, you can IMDB it, I won't even link you! You can/should do this yourself. But all I can say it is definitely one of those movies that make you smile even with the many recurrent dark moments. It helps you see the persistence of one man and the hope he had.

But it's just a movie, right? So it makes you think about reality, and whether there are persons like that, who are good, patient and never give up. It makes me also think about the amount of people who are very weak and who seek constant approval and flattery from their surrounding.

Why try hard to get people to rate you, why not just do your own thing, be good at it and the bonus would be being remembered for it. 

There are people in this life who only feel better when they put other people down, these people are bullies, weak and sad pathetic little things. Why stoop to their level?

Sometimes as hurtful as things may be for you, as painful, as horrific and demeaning as they can be. If you choose to get over it, move on and go to the pacific, where there is no memory, you will be good again, you will feel alright, and at a new start.

I like this movie, I might be high here... maybe I am, and maybe it's because of this movie.

Simple pleasures of life, watching a good movie. A movie that was acted by strangers, written by strangers, directed by strangers, sold by strangers, and played on a machine invented and built by strangers, to come and arrive to your proximity, so you could feel good.

Life has become so easy, and yet we bitch about things. 

In case you're too lazy to google it, here's the link to the movie.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I almost forgot

12 years ago, I called you to wish you a happy birthday not knowing it would've been the last time. Rest in peace amiga. I am sad to admit I am starting to forget your face, your voice, the way you talk... I am ashamed.

But will never forget your blond curls
That spark in your eyes when you used to be a smart ass
How you washed your hair because you didn't like it just before our prom party
That stupid computer radio you got me for my birthday because you were one of the first persons to ever notice I am a geek
That letter you wrote to me :) One of the few things I wish I can keep with me even after I die

Even though you're ... not there anymore. You're one of those persons who were deprived from life so soon at such a young age. Nevertheless, you are one of the few who remind me how important life is, that we shouldn't take things for granted, that life is precious... and most of all, that health is.

I have an enemy, it's cancer. I have a friend, it's you.

Happy birthday my best friend. I lie, I still remember your face, your voice and the way you talk.

... meh... see now you made me cry.

BUT it's okay :) Rest in peace, wherever you are, I hope you're being taken care of.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Toss a coin to make an important decision

Bewilderment can make someone go nuts over a certain decision. Do this, or do that? Many times, you sit on your living room sofa and wonder what choice should you opt for, what path will it lead you to, is it the right one? is it the wrong one? Will you regret it? Will it hurt?

My solution is to just toss a coin in the air and call for it. Even when confused, your face will give away the true intention. If the coin lands on what you don't want, you won't be happy with the result, or you will just say "Coins suck", and if it lands on what you want, then you will simply smile.

Try this technique, 100% guarantee or coin back!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

My brain is a haunted house.

This is a fascinating story to say the least. Reminds us of how vulnerable we human beings are, we could be doing a mundane activity one moment, and the next one a single blood vessel shifting by a 400th inch shifting your whole world.

This dude over here went from being a Chiropractic into an artist. But it wasn't only his interests that changed, but also his behavior, attention span and perception of emotions and such. He became rude, self absorbed and obsessed with drawing.

While reading the story about this guy, I couldn't help myself to think about his wife, how she "accepted" things at one point, how he knew that he will never change back to the old him and how with their love, understanding and friendship, they were able to find a way nonetheless.

A lesson that I repeatedly try not to forget, is not to take things for granted. Another lesson that could be drawn from this is perhaps, adaptation, is not so bad.

Read full article about "Jon Sarkin: The man who couldn't stop drawing" here

I have to say, the one sentence that I found to be so deep, a sentence that actually explains many feelings I've been experiencing lately, is the following:

I feel like I'm a haunted house, I feel at home, but never comfortable.

Never give up

Are belief and hope, the things that help you keep going? or the things that pull you back and keep you from accomplishing other things... 

Monday, August 01, 2011

Scuba Underwater Photography Diving

http://incoglilo.blogspot.com/2011/07/need-to-do-to-do-list.htmlI posted a to do list a couple of week ago, but decided to alter #6. I said I want to be better at photography, this stays, but I want to add to it, and learn underwater photography, so while I am at it, will also learn scuba diving.