Sunday, April 22, 2007

Genious discovery, Patent claim

A new way has been discovered in order to know the exact date a picture has been taken!!! See above photo for more info.

P.S. Hot Mint Chocolate and Marshmello in the mug (bought from Starbucks). RECOMMENDED BI OUWWé
P.S. #2 Homer Simpsons appears in photo
P.S. #3 Dexter & Didi appear in photo, toy gotten from Burger King


Child dreams, wishes and fantasies. We grow up dreaming of so many accomplishments, or so many adventures, we grow up watching heroes and hearing Snow-white and sleeping beauty's romantic stories, rainbows and clouds are very similar to marshmellows upon which you can walk and jump and they're concret objects!

And then science comes and explains to you the reality behind clouds and rainbows and the fact that if we try to stand on them, gravity sucks us down... Assures us that super heroes do not really exist, and there is no planet called cryptonite, proves to us that princes do not wake up beautiful dead women by kissing them (and as Krys pointed, if you kiss an ugly frog, no it does not turn into a hot muscular charming 6 packs guy)

What's left for us to do? We indulge and sink in the material world, the dreams change, our principals die. Expensive bling-bling cars, huge yachts and fancy travelling become our dreams, question: do they really make one happy? Can't give you an answer as I am not even categorized in Middle class.

Well I say no way! I still want to be able to fly and save the world, to enjoy slippery rainbows and fly down using my own home-made parachute.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sucky Weather

So this transitional weather completely sucks, at one point it's hot at another it's windy and cold, which usually causes a conflict of temperature in your body, and thus, either flu or worse, an air hit (in arabic, shab2et hawa). After only 1 week, I missed work because I was sick, I really didn't want to appear as a weak girl, I barely get sick, but, who knows what! Sucky weather in deed.

As I was hallucinating the night before, due to the Air Hit, I had several weird dreams, one involved watching the opposition burn tires, another was me being at a house being robbed by someone with an unloaded gun and me kicking him out, a third one was being stopped by a friend in the middle of the road while driving, in order to give my farewell to supposedly a friend (who I have never seen or known in real life) because she got arrested for singing a "naughty" song (waynik ya Hayfa) and being sentenced to jail for 6 months, and suddenly I run into mom at my aunt's, turns out she was in Lebanon the whole time and not the US, so I was like: "Come sleep over mom like once a week!"

Be vewy vewy quiet.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's okay, it's alright

So, as my friend Joseph put it, I am counting upwards while last month the countdown was... down obviously. It's been two days already, and I am the new girl. Well there is also another new guy, so we're half half new. I am learning new things, and while yesterday I had maybe a 2% doubt whether quiting my previous job was the right decision or not, after today, the 2% have vanished, I am convinced that it was a good choice.

The thing is I always expect the worst, this way whatever happens, I feel ready for it and barely disappointed, but J pointed out to me that I also never enjoy anything...

It's a habit that is really hard to get rid of, I think people describe it as Pessimism, and apparently I should become more optimistic. Fingers Crossed.