Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How can you choose your battles?

When you follow the rules for so long and then discover that no one
else did and they enjoyed their time more. When you know that some
rules are sort of unnecessary and useless, and you were following them
because they were the rules, you realize you missed out on a lot. And
you have to filter which rules to follow and which not to.

Growing up to be someone who doesn't want to do the conventional,
unless of course you're convinced of its validity, you now have this
great opportunity of unconventional events and actions to look forward
to. So you stop and wonder, yes I am "man" enough to go for all that,
but really, some battles, are they worth fighting for in Lebanon?

Maybe the reasons that stop you from plunging in these battles is your
worry for your parents.


  1. What battle are you fighting for?

  2. something on the personal level