Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Too much technology?

So a friend sent me a tweet (message - for the twitter ignorants) on
the public timeline, telling me to check my DM (private message - for
the twitter ignorants), in the DM, she told me to check my email, in
the email, she told me to make a phone call!

In the phone call she told me to check my twitter!

Okay the last one is made up. But I noticed that all this is supposed
to make our communication easier to execute.. I'm only noticing more

Remember that movie: "He's just not that into you?" - The character of
Drew Barrymore says she's being rejected in 7 different technologies!
How true is that?

Annnnyway! I knew I had a point to make when I first started this post
:P Now I don't remember what it was! Oh well.


  1. U've made ur point, u might ask a question on a portable n get the answer on another. By the time, u read the answer u might not know what the other is talking about

  2. You have made your point...although I'm really not sure which side of the coin I'm on..although I'm now able to keep in touch, or communicate easier..I also have to be much more careful and clear about what I mean..someone yelled at me on twitter the other day for being "too liberal and open minded.." really?

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  4. Well I think it's always about us, more complications come from our approach to stuff and how we use technology.

  5. Rany definitely. it's always about how we humans deal and perceive things.

    Danielle, persons dont make the right judgments when they see you face to face, so how about a virtual world?

    A bare truth, so true, it happens with me the whole time.. especially if you're someone who writes here and there and a lot