Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh well

I must admit, dates mean a lot to me, because numbers mean a lot to me, and yesterday 21/12 I got to the big 3 O.. I got a very delicious cake at work and I made a wish, a selfish wish for the first time ever, but today I would like to officially retract that wish.

Been a long time that blog is pretty dead, that's not good, since most probably I will want to get back years later to remember how I felt in this period, then again, maybe I don't want that. Subconscious can do wonders I tell ya.

Finally, being young is different from being immature. Just saying :)

Happy Birthday to me, I got myself an RC Helicopter!


  1. Happy Birthday to you... and enjoy the helicopter ride, it gets better by the year :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to you my dear!

  3. you can't take back a wish, that was pure desire in the heat of the moment, heartfelt and pure...
    but that's my nosy smarty pants know it all attitude...

  4. KM as in?

    Maybe I took back the wish as a defense mechanism, to save me from more pain.