Saturday, January 15, 2011

Delusional, realistic or what?

Check what Dali told his parents when they decided to employ a drawing teacher for him when he was still 10:
No! I don't want any drawing teacher, because I am an "Impressionist painter!"
Of course his parents laughed, and thought oh what a cute 10 year old boy!

But he was right wasn't he? This makes me think about our role as parents, whether to encourage our children when they blurt out something like the above, or dismiss it trying to diminish the difficulties, roughness and obstacles a person will face in a real life leading them not to be able to accomplish anything.

Some say: "No high expectations, no disappointment"

Do we encourage? or do we tell them: "get real, you're cute!"


  1. Interesting observation. But hey..if my kid knows he wants to be an impressionist painter at 10..i'm sure as hell going to listen to him! Pure genius this man.. There is a Dali Museum that recently opened in so going when I go back home next!

  2. It seems like you admire Dali :) ... In case you're interested, I have this documentary about him on my website which I recommend you to watch. You may find it at

  3. Rabih, I do :) yalla streaming it, 3al lebnenh :P

    Danielle, make sure you see it! Am thinking of visiting catalonia just to see his museum