Monday, April 04, 2011

Know yourself first. Can it get any harder?

Life constantly makes you become someone you don't recognize at times where you need yourself the most. Surival First

You can run away from people, from places, from family, from work... But where do you run away from yourself? You suddenly find yourself stalking you, you no longer want that newly acquired habit, or newly reached way of thinking to be anywhere near you. You don't want to know what's going on, you just want it to go away. 

When you get to a point where you rely on a coin to make important decisions for you, this is when you know something went wrong. But what is right or wrong really? How confused can someone get? How hard can things be?

Lesson I finally learned and have now engraved in my brains, is never ever to judge anyone else, or wonder "why" they're thinking that way or "why" they behaved that way. When amateur you think you know a lot, when pro, you realize you know nothing.

This comes down to what Socrates said, the simplest thing I've heard, a sentence you think you understand, but completely and utterly miss out on realizing every moment of every day during your entire life.

Know Thyself


  1. What a powerful post..both from you and from Survival a time when many of us seem to be questioning ourselves..

    It takes a lifetime to "know thyself." Do you ever catch yourself doing things or thinking thoughts that you don't recognize? Happens to me all the time..I'm still trying to know myself.

  2. Thanks for your comments ladies :)