Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reliant on technology a bit too much?

I am sure this is a question we don't even dare ask ourselves. Smartphone, internet on your phone, constantly checking your email, and everyone expecting you to answer them at any minute of the day.

Remember when you were too shy to call someone at their home after 9pm or before 10am? 

Remember when you used to go pick up your friend, and tell them when you left your home by calling them, and then honking on arrival or ringing them on their house's inter-phone?

Remember when we used to go camping, and we did not having a cell in our hands when we were sitting under a tree or firing a camp fire?

Remember when we used to leave the house and not panic because we did not have a metal square like gadget in our hand?

Also remember when we used to not be held accountable when we did not reply to an email?

Anyway, check out these folks, who's complete reliance on GPS led the woman to be stranded for two months, and the man to get "completely" lost. 


  1. Technology is like a double edged sword. It offers a lot of privileges but also it takes much of one's privacy away. I mean people have become way too easily approachable - and that's not cool. Sometimes you want that bit of distance and space.