Thursday, August 11, 2011

I almost forgot

12 years ago, I called you to wish you a happy birthday not knowing it would've been the last time. Rest in peace amiga. I am sad to admit I am starting to forget your face, your voice, the way you talk... I am ashamed.

But will never forget your blond curls
That spark in your eyes when you used to be a smart ass
How you washed your hair because you didn't like it just before our prom party
That stupid computer radio you got me for my birthday because you were one of the first persons to ever notice I am a geek
That letter you wrote to me :) One of the few things I wish I can keep with me even after I die

Even though you're ... not there anymore. You're one of those persons who were deprived from life so soon at such a young age. Nevertheless, you are one of the few who remind me how important life is, that we shouldn't take things for granted, that life is precious... and most of all, that health is.

I have an enemy, it's cancer. I have a friend, it's you.

Happy birthday my best friend. I lie, I still remember your face, your voice and the way you talk.

... meh... see now you made me cry.

BUT it's okay :) Rest in peace, wherever you are, I hope you're being taken care of.


  1. How beautiful... I am sure an angel was smiling and watching you write that post. *hug*

  2. I read this post a while ago, then marked it 'unread' in my reader. Came back to it a few days later.. same story.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is.. thanks for sharing this very personal and touching post. *smile*

  3. I have followed you for 4 years now I think? And this yearly post that you dedicate for your best friend has become intrinsic of your blog.

    I am touched. Very. I have a few friends that I adore. And even imagining life without then makes my heart shrink.

  4. well...
    i hugs you poshlemon....:)
    very nice thought you have....