Sunday, March 23, 2014

All the single ladies

As human beings, we have been brought up to believe it’s crucial to find someone, be with them and build a life with them. It creates this insecurity, this constant feeling of being aware that you’re single, and that when you're single, you’re wrong and you’re doing life wrong. Like you’re missing out on something grand.
Peer pressure can get independent women to fake dependency. It gets to women at one point. Women should keep an eye on each other.

It’s sad that it’s frowned upon single women. As this woman is "less" and not a whole human being. It drives women to hastily hookup so they can achieve being validated as proper women. And certainly, I disagree.

We pressure ourselves because deep inside we are afraid to be judged. Truth is, deep inside a woman only judges herself, and the only thing she should do is silence that inner voice that is a collection of judgmental personalities around her which keeps her from being and from leading an emotionally healthy life. Finally, come what may.

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