Tuesday, December 26, 2006

10 things I hate in people

  1. How only when we receive something in an email telling us about how we shouldn't take things for granted, that we actually realize it
  2. How only when we see something expensive even if it tasteless, that we think it's worth it
  3. How we wear clothes that make us look like a potato only because it is the trend
  4. How we forget the true meaning of holidays
  5. How someone thinks we are great friends to them only when we get them an expensive gift
  6. How friendship is no longer a feeling, but mutual interest
  7. How we take crap sometimes from the boss, just because we need our salary at the end of the month
  8. How the more we get paid, the more we spend
  9. How home is a large place full of fancy furniture, and not a small one with loved ones in it
  10. How success is a position in a company, and not a position in close ones' life

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