Thursday, December 21, 2006

I was born 26 years ago

I got to my desk, and I saw this.

First I thought it was from J, and then I thought, how could he have gotten it to work so fast in the morning, but then I read the card, and it turned out it is from my friend/colleague Marthe. Cute.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again and again. Nice bouquet, bravo Marthe :) I hope Joe sent his bouquet later on ;)

    Please don't start worrying about wrinkles; but if you do, the best remedy is to smile, laugh and be happy as much as you can and against all odds., even if you have to act stupid and silly. I only started using face cream this summer and don't even know why. You still have at least 11 years to get there LOL Enjoy life, love and laugh as much as possible! Happy Birthday!

  2. Merci Coco for your great words :) I shall keep them in my mind forever ;)

  3. heyyyyyyy
    happy birthday :P