Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Children of men and Arabic writings

I wanted to talk about this 2 weeks ago when I saw the movie "Children of men", a good movie, makes you think and get depressed a bit. Anyway in the movie, there is graffitis and writings on walls of this weird city, talking about Al-Intifada, and they had it written in Arabic, however, what's disapointing is they did not even bother to get someone who knows how to write arabic, and not just match Latin alphabet with Arabic ones.

They wrote it like this: انتفادا

Ma heik?


  1. intifèdza.. HAHA

    where did you watch it? is it already on dvd?

  2. I saw it in Abraj (it was still there last weekend), and I think it is on DVD (as it has been out of the US theaters)

  3. yes, you're right! and it's weird coz protesters were shouting in arabic. didn't any of them offered to correct it?
    i posted about the movie a while back too.
    you should watch Apocalypto if you haven't yet

  4. I am planning on watching Apocalypto! It seems we have the same taste and judgment in movies. Some other people did not like it. The thing is, people don't always know how to judge a movie.

  5. Yup, i saw that too... They probably got a 3rd generation Arab that works on the set to write it, and he wrote it as he says it:

    I only went to see the movie cause i love Clive Owen :)

  6. Eh you're probably write, jeddo sefar 3a amerka w 3allamo el arabic alphabet :P hehe

    Clive Owen :D