Friday, February 23, 2007

OzZi In UL

I decided to pass by my old college and pick up my diploma (yep it's been 5 years and I didn't bring it), I thought it wasn't important and it's only a decorative tool for the wall, turns out it is important.
Of course, the people were gone home by then, so I will have to go again, but I went for a walk to places where we used to hang out... with every step, a memory. I was happy to be there... Finally I remember I am one of those crazy people who write their names everywhere and draw stuff... I searched till I found this.

Oh for the record, my nickname is Ozzi since 8 years or so.


  1. The GooD old days!

    Nice blog lilzi/Ozzi/? !

    Time flies by too quickly nowadays to a degree that monthes have become weeks.I hope you do well in your new Job and I am confident that you will.

    oh and did I mention that I didn't get my diploma yet!. Maybe I will go and get it someday but too bad there is no signature for me anywhere in the college!

    / in another form maybe ^_^.

    Take care liliane.

  2. I remember doing the same when I had a crush on a girl in school! But am sure the rain took off the Tipp Ex

  3. Hi joseph,

    Nice to see you in this blog. And well can't say it's a new job yet, I still have to hear back from them. So am not the only lazy person eh? Hehe anyway good luck and thanks for stopping by.

    Presentfuture, you reminded me of: "boukra bit shatti el dini, 3a essas mjarra7a, byeb2a ismak ya habibi w ismi byenma7aaa" :P

    :D My name is still there, after 5 years :) I really was so happy to see it.

  4. I can still hear the bell ringing... I wish i could go there only for 1 day !
    P.S which school was that?

    Oh and it seems that you are going to GOOGLE :D

  5. University actually, Lebanese Uni, Fanar killyet el 3ouloum :)

    Going to google? lol ya reit :P

  6. Thanks for the welcome liliane, and yeah I am sure you are not the only lazy person around ^_^.

    The thing is this diploma never had a value for me. From my graduation date till now I have been working on improving my skills in .NET as a framework I chose to start building dynamic websites.

    Now, I am in a better position, got a couple of certifications and aiming for more and I a glad I finally made things my way and not what the development/programming market here still use as a technology.

    Speaking about Lebanon, this is a country that I love because it is MY country but the thing is I can't understand the situation here anymore and I am still hanging up here and refusing to leave it like this.

    We simply need to make a revolution, and this is for everyone who loves Lebanon. All I can see is a darker and a darker future for it.

    Now speaking about .NET, I read somewhere in this blog ( wich I admire a lot, holding some quality posts) I recommend yu to start building your skills using .NET now. Technology is moving fast and with the release of vista microsoft is planning to release .NET 3.0 this summer with a lot of new features to cover so you better start now.

    And please if you need any help, just send me an email or drop me a message on msn I will be glad to give you my acquired experience in developing .NET web applications using C#.

    And finally, I really admire you as a girl trying to stand out from the crowd and do things her own way. That's because you are, deep inside in agreement with what you are doing.

    God Bless you, and good luck in your future adventures :).

    PS : I am still a hardcore gamer ^_^

  7. Ahla w sahla walaw, el beit baytak ;) (3al lebneneh)

    Same here, the diploma for me was a piece of paper which most people hang on the wall, apparently it is worth more, in case I want to continue my studies I will need it apparently in addition to the certification that I took from there.

    As for .Net, I recently started learning it on my own, got a couple of tutorials at home. so hopefully it will all work out well. I definitely need to move on.

    And thank you for your kind words, correction I am really not TRYING to stand out, as much as just being in agreement with what I do (you said it right) :)

    Also, good luck in finding the job that you deserve and perhaps in Lebanon ;)

  8. Great to hear that you have started working with the .NET framework. The most important thing about this framework/set of features is to understand how everything relate to each other. You also need a good grasp on OOP wich is in the heart of .NET. So here is some few tips :

    1- Dissect .NET and try to understand each part alone and how each part relate to the core components in the framework.

    2- Grap a programming language of your choice ( C# or VB.NET ) and try to understand its syntax and the available Class libraries.

    3- when you are done with this foundation grab an ASP.NET ebook and start your journey as a .NET Web Developer. ASP.NET is easy to grasp but there is a LOT to learn.

    The most important thing in .NET is to be able to know "how the game is played " and when you do you will be TEH WINNER111! :).

    And if you ever see a specific book related to .NET on amazon that you wanna read it drop me a note and I can getyou the ebook version of it for free.

    And if you ever get bored with .NET, you know whom to shout on!

    /me hides :)

  9. Thanks for the tips Joseph, and even if I do get bored with .Net, I won't shout at you :P You see I started to learn way before you told me so, hehe I will shout at myself iza shi. Thanks again.