Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My new list

Okay this list is not a TO-DO list in 6 months, it's more of a long term thing, so here it is:

- Learn how to ride a Motorbike
- Go to Paris
- Go to Newyork
- Drift a car (Tokyo drift style)
- Learn basic electricity and mechanics of cars
- Have body like Jessica Biel
- Learn Spanish (yo quiero ir a la casa)
- Study for a new degree (either in Math or Psychology, whatcha think?)


  1. - Motorbike? wow, you're a risk taker ;)

    - Go to London, it's much better than Paris.

    - Definitely go to New York.

    - Me too, I aim for that kind of a body.

    - I am an advocate of multiple degrees!

  2. I am more like a Rish Taker Wanter hehe!
    And really? the london better than paris thing? I donno, I've always dreamt of Paris, but this doesnt mean that I don't want to go to London, or Rome, or Prague, or Amsterdam!
    Got 2 degrees, and aiming for the 3rd. Lost between 3 things though, an MBA, a BS in Psychology or a BS in Math!?

  3. wOw, these are more like life term plans... you're good...

    - motorbike, that's hot. all my life I wanted to own a bike... then the idea disappeared. maybe it should come back again.
    - Paris is overrated!
    - You should definitely come to NewYork.
    - Drift a car? ye3ne tchiddeh frem 2id? aywa!
    - you can also take the car at maallim najib's he'll get it all fixed for 20$.
    - I would also like to look at Jessica Biel's body :P
    - Spanish... that's a good idea. You know what would be better though? Mandarin.. in the next thing.. you'll see. the next power, and it is good if you spoke their language.
    - new degree.... pff I also advocate for multiple degrees.. but honestly what is it good for. already have 2..3rd will be down by the end of the year, and dreaming of the big one some day... but... they are not taking me anywhere... yet. if it is just for you own "satisfaction personnelle", I would say go for philosophy or literature or something that makes you read, think and write.
    ma ba3ref.

    bravo if you can make them all happen. that would be very impressive.

  4. _z you're right, but let's just say the list is there so I can start on them within the coming period and not slack off!

    I like your input on things, and you're right about the degree, it is for my personal satisfaction (although some people tell me to get an MBA!) but I've been wanting to enroll in psychology since 2001, so hehe I guess I should do it finally!
    By drifting, yes it's frem 3id, pied gauche :D
    I am most probably going to the US this spring, so I think New York is a probably thing so yey :D
    Yalla do a list as well!

  5. Lilzi,

    _Z. ma3o 7a2. Paris is overrated! But, I guess that's my opinion. If it's your dream, go there. I know you'll love it.

    About the degree, I agree too. Do something that will make you read and think. But, wouldn't you be able to do that anyway without having to enroll for a degree and pay tuition fees? I would go for an MBA as it will be a great asset in the future; plus, I am guessing you already have more than 2 years of work experience so when you get into the MBA, you're gonna kill it (good ways)!

    New York in spring! Wow, remember me there for just 1 second and then it will feel like I was there, for just 1 second. It's one of my biggest dreams going there.

  6. Lilo, Lilo, Lilo...
    This year is not Doable not even in 6 years :D sorry dear friend :D

  7. Excellent list girl!!!!!
    Girls should learn from you!!!
    and I am thinking about a new degree too, psychology or sexology.
    what to choose? what to choose?

  8. M(x9), shou wonder woman la khallessoun bi 1 year? :P

    Kodder, thank you :D and well you know what you should study!!!

  9. poshlemon, definitely when I am in Newyork bfakkir fikeh :D for sure for sure, iza allah rad!

    As for doing my MBA, I donno, i've been thinking about it, but I don't wannt spend so much money for so long psychology is mostly for fun... we'll see I guess :) maybe I should just go for a phd!!! (yeah right) hehe