Monday, January 21, 2008

Wish I can be as cool as this guy

So much for being inspired and motivated, I can't ever write a decent post. For me, it's important. Not because I want to show off my writing skills, because I humbly say, I am not a good writer. By good writer I mean, those people who use words that no one understands, metaphors that only waste time for someone to finally comprehend them. Nevertheless, if everything in life is straight forward, then it would be as boring as hell.

Anyway, losing my temper quickly is something I have tried to overcome over the past years. I can't deny that I have become much better at controling my temper. moreover I am less emotional than I used to. Although there is one thing I was not able to get rid of, and that is moodiness.

Moodiness in my opinion is for the weak and susceptible. I, on the other hand, like to think that I am strong and in control. However, some people just know how to get on my nerves, and they're usually close people.

Mathematically speaking, I can eliminate the close people, by implication the problem. Or psychologically blablaicly speaking, I can try to look inside myself, listen in depth to my thoughts and feelings and see what is really bothering me, and begin healing myself starting that point.

Freakin duh, I know what's wrong and there is nothing I can do about it at this moment! Let me give you a slight preview, which many will most probably refer to as nagging.

Buying a house <-- Needing money <-- Making money <-- Job itself gets nowhere, therefore need to find a bright idea or make business of my own <-- No capital to start <-- Find an investor <-- You're in Lebanon <-- Stop giving excuses <-- Okay fine, I will do a business plan and run it by investors <-- Okay fine, now pick the good idea <-- I have none, all the ones I have are when I am sleeping, then I wake up and forget them <-- Idiot <-- Thank you! like you're not, you're my brain and I use you to think, so you're the idiot <-- Fine whatever, live in the moment <-- I am and it sucks!!!

Ok enough, now you guys know a bit of how my brain and I function!


  1. oooh, and look who also has got a temper!!!

    "blablaicly"? wassat? bla bla?
    cool word!

    lilzi, building up on your previous posts, and this one, it seems that many of your problems have to do with your money fixation. am I right or am I way off?
    the luxuries... remember... the moments, time, care, attention to detail... pursue those.
    I mean who am I to patronize you, we are all in the same shit, but I am just saying...

    of course those who hurt you are mostly close ppl, otherwise, why would you care?

  2. Hahaha crazy brain :P.
    No seriously you are okay everyone does that.

  3. _z, yes you are right in everything you said, but what you said, attention to details, moments, time, care... for me I could never do both, be "cool" and also build a future... have any advice on balancing between the two?

    Kodder, I know people are as nutty as I, bass inno its my blog, pffft :P

  4. what do you mean by being cool? and what do you need to build a future?

  5. Lilzi,

    honestly, I love your brain. It's like mine but yours is a bit funnier. Creative sequence though. It all comes down to money or lack of money that is. Money is very important. It is not the most important but it is very important in the material world we live in. I am the worst person to give you advice on money. I am broke 9 months out of the whole year and the other 3 I am busy spraying my money on High Street clothes and shoes. lol Add to that, I just spend money on a daily basis without keeping track. But recently I have taken to actually writing down my expenditure and limiting myself to a certain amount per week. I keep this all on an agenda which I have hung on the wall so it would stare me right in the eye. I hope it works. Try it, that way you would at least be in control of what you spend.

  6. Damn, I thought I replied to you!

    Hmm I actually have had an expenses agenda for the past 5 years ;) I am in control but only recently I started indulging myself with stuff, technology, books, CDs... Nevertheless, even if I don't spend anything, you just have the monthly bills, the university, the car fixes, the insurance... you can't save, and in this freakin country, how will you buy a house? ya3ne ma3ishe ghalye, w ma3ashet anja2 bi addo! I dont get it. Ana am really lucky compared to many poorly paid people!

    _Z Being cool as going through life smoothly. To build a future I need money. Scratch that, I need hope, determination and a freakin good idea.