Wednesday, February 13, 2008


There is this passage in the bible (don't remember it exactly, but only the moral), about a man giving 3 people money and who came back after a year to see that one spent it all, one hid it and one invested with it.

I remember I thought when I was young, that the one who hid the money, and kept it as it is was the one to be rewarded by his master, because he did not risk losing it, so he can return it in full. To my surprise, it was the one who invested with the money, that had actually done it right. I hadn't understood it for years, I insisted that it was the one who hid it, that should've been the right choice.

But now and for this I think, does anyone know if I want to invest, where should I start?


  1. invest in modifying the bible so that it says that saving your money would be the right choice...

    no but really I am the worst person to give advice on this...
    I would say some company researching in alternative energy or something... on the long run... you would kick ass.
    if looking for immediate gain, I would think petroleum or

  2. Lilzi,

    I also think you should invest in to modifying the bible to make more sense and into erasing the religious jargon people had been brainwashed with. That's all. I feel better saying this.

    As for investment, why don't you think of opening a restaurant? I think that would be the best investment, taken the situation in Lebanon was a little bit better. Anyways, I am sure there are many famous and renowned consultants and companies out there. Visit them with your idea/project, your aims, your budget, and target group and they will produce a good quotation for you and from there on you could move ahead. Another idea would be buying some stocks... I don't know...

  3. halla2 note that what I wrote is only from what I remember, so it could make more sense I reckon!

    As for opening a restaurant, that's a big budget, although it is one of the things i intend to do in the future (pub-resto), but no capital. That's why I want to invest a sum of money in hope it will multiply by 10 hihi

  4. I never liked this passage of the bible (ma tkhabbro emmeh aw as7abeh el khwarneh - all 4 of them LOL)

    I can't advise you on investment. I invested and ended up losing, just because I had to close now!! So this particular part in the bible is WRONG if it literally talks about money, which shouldn't me. Anyways, I just wanted to say HELLO, and SEE YOU SOON :)

  5. haha!


  6. Lilo,

    How about investing in OTV :D I heard that bou l mich's beacon of objectivity's stocks are sky rocketing.

  7. i donno, wouldn't that make me a hypocrit? lol