Monday, February 11, 2008

I know am messed up, do you?

Ahhh the beauty of messy-ups! The various, the creative, the horrible messed-up some persons can be.

I know I am, do you?

Same as there are the semestrial exams at schools, and the midterms and finals in universities and such, I have my own... trimestrial or monthly (it depends) test, verification, examination, check-up, whatever you want to call it.

And I love it, it's a long process, always accompanied with depression, anger, frustration, tension, pressure, rudeness, self-consciousness, insecurity, vulnerability, susceptibility, concentration and lack of concentration, confusion... nevertheless and never failed me till now, it always ends with inspiration, clarity, assurity and confidence.

It doesn't last long, before the next exam is due. But am bound to graduate some time, right?

So long suckerzzzzzzzz!


  1. This is the beauty of a human being.

    An emotional beast with targets.

    As you said it, in the end you will always succeed over these huge variation of a human's emotional aspects.

    The environment play a major role in producing such variations. You feel unsecure because your live in an unsecure country, etc...

    You are not alone, that's why I can feel your pain...

  2. yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  3. lilzi!
    did you forget to take your pills again?

  4. _z.,



    tab will you be publishing the grades anytime soon? ;)

  5. eh d7akilo posh la z, d7akilo :P

    al did you take your pills al! La2 3melouneh majnouneh

    Poshi, such grades only come out after you .... die! walla la2?

  6. Lilo,

    La2 you're seriously loosing it!! which brings us back to original question which _Z has evoqued: are you taking your pills?

    P.S watching nohting these days? what about heroes?

  7. Am back to watching Lost (season 4), but one episode at a time akid.

    Tab ma fhemet, does this mean I should take pills? and what kind! :)

  8. lol!
    hay el ke7liyye...