Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pretty weird

TADAAAAAAAAADue to public massive demands, I am writing another post (by public massive demand, I mean AM's comment: "Wlik waynik") :P.

End of February, beginning of March seems to be the month of change for me, am not sure if I am to accept this change, or just experience the possibility of having a change in one's life. Why is that? Maybe it is here to only teach me some more things about myself. This change is on a couple of levels, personal and professional. So yey for me!

I should check the horoscope, maybe they're saying something about this. Okay, I did not check the horoscope, I am sagittarius, anyone knows anything about it?

Anyway, what I learned so far, is that if you think you know everything, then think again. ("DUH" is the word am expecting you to wonder at this moment, but bare with me, I am looking at it from a different point of view, so come look with me)
Just when you think that you have things under control, and you know what you want, you get a job interview just out of nowhere. You show up, planning to only do the minimum required, because you really don't want that job, and if you're like me, and has been asked a question, you cannot but answer honestly, and in consequence, the honest answers (from someone like me) gets you the job.

Years ago, I used to think of myself as a very smart person. And I really think I was. I was smart because it mattered to me a lot. I worked hard on thinking in a smart way (yes, you're not only born smart, you actually need to also increase your intelligence through various ways). However, I have reached a point where I don't think am so smart anymore (even though my IQ is higher, my general knowledge has increased, got a savvy experience and my technical skills have improved), yet I feel less smart (don't care the same way I did). You see, for me it is not just a matter of GREATER THAN ">". It should be GREATER THAN WHAT I SHOULD HAVE BECOME at this point of my life. Anyway, I hope I keep up this motivation, seriously man, if I am as motivated as I am today, Einstein would be my pet! And his nickname would be 7ayfa. (Don't ask why)

In deed, this is the secret to intelligence. It is just wanting to know more, learn more and do more. If you're lucky, you would be born a little bit smarter than the average joe, and you get a head start.

Finally, I would like to exempt you from commenting on this post (this is a trick, because if you comment than I will know you did not read the whole thing *evil laugh*), because I can obviously see that it's long! But not boring :D, right? Am not boring! :)


  1. sorry to disapoint you I read the whole thing , and I am gonna comment anyway :P.An exemption doesn't work on me :P.
    and I know what you mean, I should have become much more by now :P.
    but Hey shit happens :P

  2. Lilzi,

    I swear I read the whole thing! Hands up!

    But, one question, why 7ayfa? lol

  3. bravo guys, i am proud of you!

    Why 7ayfa? i told you not to ask why :P (coz i really have no reason, it just came to my head)

  4. Lilo,

    I read the whole thing, w ma fhemet shi!! girl you are dyslexic! Anywho what's the change on the personal/professional level?
    but i have to admit you kept me interested till the end!!

  5. man, seriously, do you know what dyslexia means? ktir ma khassa fiye!

    Inta barke el dyslexic :P I am getting some calls to do some interviews, though am not searching (so honeh fi change on the professional level), w personal... well don't wanna go into much details here :D

    As long as you're interested ;)

  6. Tabi3eh tkouneh in denial phase :D I am already in the acceptance phase :D so you're getting married ;)

  7. hehe interesting guess, but no! :P

    and in denial of being dyslexic? lmao. *NO MOMMIE I CAN READ AND SPELL!*

  8. hmmmmm fa2seh inteh! I thought we could split the price of the medications :D

    This means I would have to convince posh or krys :D

  9. lol, ana trikneh bi hammeh, 3ende el vitesse taba3 my car needs to be changed :P wanna split the price of this? se3eta i will split the price of your medications :P