Friday, April 25, 2008

Ahhh finally

I've been preparing myself for writing this post for quite some time, read a whole bunch of my fellow bloggers which I haven't paid a visit to for a long while, so am here, I read some articles, checked some pictures, commented on things, took an apointment for a friend of mine, an interior designer, to check the house we're getting and what we can do with it... clearing my mind, preparing myself, inhaling, exhaling... am cool. Ready...

And then I get invited to go eat a Kafta sandwich with Joe, and I realize I have to do the dishes before he comes and picks me up...

So... Am sorry to disappoint you, but no great post today. Come back tomowwooow


  1. hmm very interesting, well you could at least desribed your dish washing techniques, do you go clockwise? counter clockwise? random? horizontaly? vertically? you mix those?
    or what?
    for me personally I hold the thing firmly in my left hand I go clockwise with my right hand except in some small cornery areas where I go random :P

  2. lol, finally we agree on something! yep i use the same technique as you in dish washing!

  3. Lallouz,

    when are you guys getting married?! You must be so excited. I would like you to tell me how it feels especially for me, cause I am so scared of the whole idea of marriage.

  4. Posh! hehe shou badde khabrik la khabrik :P it is scary... inno we didn't set a date yet, depends on the house, how much enhancements and changes it needs (=$$$) and how much money we'll have left to get married, etc..
    But before I used to be terrified from the idea of commitment, now it's better, not as scary as before :D

  5. Liliane,

    I am so excited for you because you sound so excited and I can't help but share that feeling with you :)

    How will the interior of the house be like? I always wanted a modern minimalist decoration for mine (when I have a bit of money to afford a house which is a long while from now, but anyways).

  6. Well I sometimes feel excited, and sometimes feel oblivious... depends on my mood!

    As for the money issue, that is why fi shi ismo ISKEN :P do you think we can afford it? not in 50 years hehe!

    As for the interior, it's definitely something modern :D When it's finished, akid you're invited! :)