Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's always personal!

People tend to misunderstand all the time, which leads them to assume things and jump into conclusions, and take actions. Actions such as stop talking to someone, learning how to dance, learn a new language, learn how to fight, fight back, learn some mean quips, hate, judge, curse, hurt... The list is long.

On a very low level, individual to individual, sometimes things can go bad. And in order to comprehend someone, many things should be donw such as understanding where they came from, slowing down on the judging, trying more to reach out, transforming our hate into love, all that in order to be able to fix things. But, it's so hard sometimes, so difficult, and it does now always deem successful for us to fix things.

So how about a high level. Although the word "high" is not really meant in its honorable state here. How can, two groups of people, listening to one side, seeing one point of view, afraid of the other group, scared for their own exisence, beleiving in a certain idea... How can they understand where the other group comes from, slow down on judging this other group, try to reach out more to them, transform their hate into love, their xenophobia into trust, in order to fix things?

Balance of evil and good in this world, some say it's necessary, but what happens when evil is more ubiquitous than good, when balance is no longer just, when bad things occur more than good things, and when people drown and sink into hurting more than helping?

And what is worse, some think that they're helping while they are really hurting!


  1. Lilzi,

    I used to believe in a few men of politics. But in the recent months, even these men have fallen off the pedestals I'd given them. My friend was right "ta yemshe 7alo lebnen, lezem tensha2 el ared w yenbala3 kel shi w yerja3 yballish 3an awwal w jdid". Eh walla ma3o 7a2!!!

    It's not about trust w la hal 7arakeit. It's a goddam agenda backed up by lots of money. That's all about it. Who cares about what happens in Lebanon? Nobody! As long as the agenda falls through.

    Sara7a ana erfeneh. Ktir za3leneh Liliane. Mbere7 bkeet. Bas ma ktir tole3 dmou3. Neshfo. Khalas.

  2. "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"

  3. angry is how i feel... yep... angry is the best word for me right now...

    keep safe.

  4. You're right posh, there are too many deep issues here... and cannot be solved by Lebanon alone.. even if they calm things down, something will erupt sooner or later and cause a major problem, etc.. etc.. whoever the government is!

    Viola, indeed, bass can we understand it all?

    _z thanks, w hope your folks are safe as well