Saturday, July 19, 2008

Red Bull and Vaya Con Dios part II

This is the only picture I was able to get, because I have the lousiest batteries ever! Worry no more, I will be getting a professional cam soon :D Next month's budget!

Anyway, a sequel to what happened yesterday concerning the Vaya Con Dios concert. It's been a long time since I wanted to attend a concert and listen to some nice smooth bluesy jazzy gipsy music. And I got to buy the ticket at the last minute online, because I needed to make sure it is right beside my friends' seats. We were supposed to leave Beirut together, but I rang like 4 times and each time for a long time, and no answer, I thought she probably forgot her cellphone, or forgot me or whatever! And as I have drank a red bull earlier, I was pretty hyper and needed to drive my hyperness away. So I did. Waiting till they call so I meet them somewhere, but by the time they did, I was already in Dbayeh, so I told them, I will meet them in the concert, I got there on time. Barely! I was alone, even the bus driver pointed that out "Coming to a concert alone?", and am sure he started thinking much more merrier thoughts of me riding with him in the bus (it's a service that Byblos festival provide, for people who park their cars a bit far), so I told him "No Thanks! the bus is still empty, and it will need time to fill, so I will just walk!"

I have this thing where I explain myself to strange people, or people I care less about! Why do I explain myself? I donno, it might be respect for others, it might be because I am pretty condifent of why I am doing something so I don't mind sharing the reasoning behind it!

Anyway, I got there, sat near two drunken old ladies (who were sitting in my friends' seats haha), but they were having fun, so who gives a shit right? By the time my friends got there, they sat on the stairs, so I joined them (I could've bought the cheaper ticket if I knew that was gonna happen, BLEH), we kissed and said hi, tried to catch up (during the two songs we heard), and then the band left the stage! DAMN that was hilarious! My friends seriously missed the whole concert! The band came back and performed a last hit song, which was pretty fun! And then we left!

In conclusion, I watched a whole concert by myself, kudos for me, I don't even go the movies by myself! And my friends missed most of it! Just so they can fix their hair! Even though they're going to the beach! WOMEN!

Something was missing from that night, because the music, was... so ... so right! Oh and ... and... I was hoping for more that night, but it's ok! There is always Today!


  1. One thing I hate about Lebanon is having to keep appearances. When in London, I just leave home with normal undone hair, no make-up and track suits. I doubt, highly doubt, it that I would get away with such behavior. And your friends, they're true Lebanese lol If they didn't have their hairs done, how would they prove their allegiance to the Lebanon?

    Anyways, I wish I would watch a concert by myself or even a movie. It's such a powerful statement... of confidence or loneliness or even aloneness. Whichever.

    I love Vaya Con Dios ;)

  2. Actually they're Syrian! And yes, it was a nice experience being there alone! aslan when listening to nice music, I only like to listen to it and not interact with anyone else!

    They were very good, amazing voice 3enda!

  3. Oh and you can get away without make up and just casual clothes, i always do ;)

  4. I was at that concert!!
    It was amazing!!

    You go girl! :D

  5. ;) badda shi concert teneh