Friday, July 18, 2008

Cheese, Mortadella, Vaya Con Dios and Red Bull

I was once punctual! Until I noticed that I always got on time while everybody else was late, so now, am no longer punctual! I just don't care!

I just ate a cheese and mortadella sandwich, and am craving a light coke, however I don't got one at home, so I found this Red Bull can in the fridge. I never drink Red Bull, but I recently purchased it and placed it in my fridge because I have been pretty tired lately, you can see fatigue presence on my face, even wrinkles around my eyes. So I drank half the can in hope that I will carry on an energetic night!

Why you ask? Because am going to Byblos to attend a concert, Vaya Con Dios! Will give you the review when I am back! or not! You can't make me!

I had to buy 1 ticket online and kept refreshing the page until I got the seat number right next to my friends (who had bought the tickets earlier)! Hah! Talk about freakin luck! I also had to use an online credit card, and I don't have one, so I had to ask my ex! Well yeah, we're still in touch, in hope to continue some sort of friendship, after all we were together for 4 years and a half! And I wouldn't want anything less than friendship!

I also discovered something about myself, something pretty positive!

Anyway, I am brushing my teeth now, for the second time in 10 minutes! So... No am not obsessed, I just forgot I didn't have dinner and we won't have time to eat before we get to Jbeil, and only remembered after I started brushing my teeth for the 1st time, so I made myself a quick mortadella and cheese sandwich, and here I am, brushing my teeth pour la seconde fois, oui! I ate cucumber with it!

Are you still reading? My aim is to bore you to death! Seriously, go away!