Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dare to dream? Actually dare to live

Illusions Illusions, how dare we dream and change the reality we are living in. Most of my life I have discovered that illusions are much more exciting and interesting and fun than real life itself, but that is only because my real life was mostly unexciting, boring and uninteresting. The reason why it was like that, was me being afraid, afraid to read a different kind of book, afraid to scream, afraid to go to a new place, and afraid to have fun and show it!

Now, I am only realizing that life can be much more exciting, interesting and fun than illusions. Shocked, surprised, beaten up and happy.

The only way to be this happy, is to actually allow yourself to be this beaten up as well.


  1. i'm glad you found happiness lilz, you deserve it! :D

  2. Lilz,

    niyyelik. Wish I could let go like you ;)

  3. i can relate to it :)
    as usual....

  4. There's a feeling of euphoria you can only get when you raise yourself off the ground following a good beating. Don't go out and try to experiment with it too much though ;)