Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That's all folks

Thank you for listening, and as Frasier puts it: "Good day Seatle, wishing you all a good mental health"

p.s. For slow minds out there, I just stopped blogging! BLEH


  1. I was going to ask you this a few days ago but wasn't too sure. I was waiting for another post. You're done with blogging? Not allowed. Come on. Treat this as your personal diary and continue to take notes of your thoughts or of your experiences.

  2. yeah i kinda thought that when i saw the post, but i thought why wouldn't she just delete the whole blog?! but now with the PS i feel slow minded!

  3. men 3a2lik!!!! long as krys is still checking blogs!!! :)))))

  4. poshy, fi gheir ma7alet la ndawin afkarna :P

    Joe, no no, stopping blogging ma khasso bi deleting el blog. kil wa7ad shi!

    Krysso, inte skiteh, sarleh mit sineh ma 3melte update la your blog! plus i will continue checkin your blogs w heik :D

  5. yih!
    lech el isteslem... I am not blogging as much either bass walaw! hek! chou el riz2 seyib!!!

    ta3eh lahone tachouf! yalla awem!

  6. Ah, but the seed is sown. The addiction is there. How long will you be able to resist? Soon, the fingers will itch, the head will fill with unsaid words.

    We're waiting, watching, anticipating. We're waiting for the upcoming, and definite, defeat.

    You will write again :)

  7. _z... i donno :(

    tantalus, I hate you :P

  8. Ok so you're taking a break that might be longer than any of us expects? Ok acceptable.
    Even Frasier goes back to Seatle for a "reunion" ;)