Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kylie - Part I

The long awaited post by *sounds like a car breaking so fast to an old lady crossing the road... The driver, a 32 year old woman, shocked by the enormous feeling of confusion, decision making and extremely rapid heart beating she has just experienced over the split seconds* who exactly?

Are you with me? *Walking in a mall, looking for something and not knowing what exactly!
- Why are all people walking towards me, how come I am the only one walking forth? Or maybe they're the ones going the right direction!*

But it's okay, don't judge her yet, she's just confused, many people are! Weren't you at one point? *Loud voice, startled her immediately, that voice! That accent! Hispanic?
- Is this what you want?
God knew how much she felt hopeful in that instant, wishing that whoever it is, telling her about whatever it is, was what she was looking for exactly! She just wanted God's divine intervention.*

Understandable, completely and utterly understandable. Looking for someone to throw the answer to us, because we tried, worked hard, thought thoroughly, researched heavily, asked unlimited number of questions and listened infiniftely! But no answer was revealed, we might seem lazy, we might seem like we dig procrastination, but really, God's divine intervention, some people call it luck, other refer to it as coincidence and some simply think it's fate, has to do with so much.

*She looked to her right, she did not move her body, she just turned her neck to the east! She found him, a middle aged guy, pointing to an ice cream booth, waiting for his daughter to decide if this is what she wants! His 3 or 4 year old daughter, did not know the difference between Ice cream and candy! Not a bright child apparently.

She was so jealous of the decision the kid had to made, she prayed that her decision would come down to something so easy and not a life changing decision.

But she remembered, when she was a kid, many decisions felt like life changing for her when they weren't! Could the decision she had to make be relatively simple for her when she looks at it 20 years from now?*

Poor Kylie. Don't you think? Overwhelmed with so many emotions, so many thoughts and so many occuring and re-occuring factors that keep bewildering her into making the right choice.

*Boum, Dijj, crack!
- Fuckin'... shit... fuck.... this hurts!
But that severe pain awakened her... She suddenly realised where the hell she was, and what she really wanted.
She did a 180 degrees, almost did a sprint towards his shop, stormed in, slapped his ugly face, threw him a 100$ bill and said:
- I hate you! I despise you! You're despicable! How could you do this to me? You're a ...

Am sorry I have to go, the cleaning lady wants my help.


  1. Lilo,

    I might be the only one... but i didn't get it, i went through the 3 parts, and didn't get it! what's this?