Monday, September 29, 2008

Ridiculous weddings!

Marriages in Lebanon are becoming more and more "Mazahir" like
(Showing off). Yes I know this is old news, but the amount of money
couples are setting their minds into spending on their "Weddings" (and
not marriage) is ridiculous.

I know a couple who are still barely paying for the furnishing and
renovation of their new obtained house (which they still have to pay
its installments for the next 20 years), who have set their minds into
spending 25 thousand dollars on the wedding, and finally realizes that
25k is not enough and are now looking into spending 35k. So finally I
asked the bride-to-be all ashamed of my butting in, but I couldn't
stop myself:
-"Excuse me for asking this curious question, but do you have this
amount of money?"

She replied with a big "No!" followed by a cute giggle.

I couldn't help but say something which I usually refrain from doing
to people's faces, I said: "Inte mahboulé!" (You're an idiot!)

I continued saying that I understand things are getting ridiculously
expensive, but this is getting out of control, with this money you can
send off one of your kids to a private college, you can buy a new car,
you can go on an amazing honey with the quarter of that amount, you
can do a lot of things.

Lebanese people are such vulnerable and superficial people sometimes,
that they forget what this event is really about! I am not saying
cancel the whole day, I know most of little princesses dream of this
day most of their lives, but a white dress, a nice tux, family and
friends around when you say the "I do", good food and good music, do
not cost 35k! Mashouna!

DUDES! WAKE UP! Rou7o nbosto into!


  1. Ma3ik 7a22, bass weyn betrou7eh bel prestige w bel "badna na3mil min imit el 3alam"? Not to forget that "our wedding should be at least as good as flen w fleneh who had zaffeh w fireworks w 5 siyyarat jaguar w afkham reception hall w a7la este3rad"....

    Ana ra7 wa22if hawn wa ella beflat el falteh el 3ajibeh bi shi safe7teyn aw tleteh comments minimum lol

    En ken bi Canada aw bi Lebnen, it's the same deal. I hate weddings, point final!

  2. hehe you already know my point of view on that, but for the other people checking your blog!! i second the "hate weddings" opinion, and yes i'd definitely spend the whole money on the honey moon and just walk to the wedding on foot (which i can cuz my house is next to the church).

  3. Liliane,

    akh law b2ellik what is my ideal celebration of such an event... what it consists of ;) Actually, you just gave me an idea for a post.

    But, seriously we are a silly and shallow nation that believes it is above all other nations because of its silicone women and a few trees. Whatever. I can understand how someone well off would spend so much money on a wedding. But why on earth would someone borrow money and enter into debt just for some show?

  4. wsolteh la kalemeh???? Lebanese people suck!!! and just like I told Posh... welcome to Lebanonia!

  5. eh bass bass ente ghirane!! w blahhhh!! hahahah

    teb eno Fonzy ma bissir!! If you don't get the xxxx band to sing for 45 minutes in your wedding for 10000$ kif bedoun y2oulo l 3alam eno your wedding ken perfect ma zel jebto l xxxx band!!

    And if you didn't pay 15000$ on orchid flowers men 3end "masa7a" truc machin kif bedoun y2oulo the next day eno kenet l zine raw3a d'ailleurs mkalftoun 15000 fa minimum!!

    And if Elie Saab didn't design your wedding how on earth will you have the gutts to post the pictures on facebook!!!



  6. Coco, joude joude fi ma7al 3al cyperspace :P

    Joe, hehe

    Posh, yalla do it :D

    Mx9 they do!!

    Krys... inno iza fi money ya3mlo, iza ma fi money ma ya3mlo, c trop simple ! w eh i am jealous :P NOT

  7. lilisn... 100% agree...
    strange.. never thought I would say that ;)