Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beirut top 1 recommended place among 44

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I know many people have probably already seen this or linked to this, but I have to do it as well.

Beirut is the top 1 recommended place to visit by reader and by the NY times. If you filter by Luxury, foodie and party, you get Beirut in the list as well.

Personally? I was shocked. 50% to 60% of the restaurants in Beirut are... closed. I don't get it. The city has been a weird place since Hariri was assassinated, demonstrations, camping in the city, closing it down... Restaurants and shops closing, people losing their jobs!

I don't get it! It doesn't make sense! It doesn't add up!

But still, AHLA W SAHLA! Everyone's welcome to come! Seriously! Don't listen to me! Improve our economy! Come do tourism here!


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  2. I was surprised too
    but it's really something nice to see.

  3. Lilzi,

    I know I agree with you. Something doesn't add up. But, come on, Beirut is beautiful regardless. Even when downtown was closed off and the political atmosphere was at its worst, Beirut was rocking it.

    And it makes my stay in Beirut more endurable now lol I'll complain less ;)