Thursday, January 01, 2009

Will 2009 be the year smoking is banned in public places in Lebanon?

It's a dream indeed. Meanwhile, all we ask is for the smokers to respect those who don't smoke in a restaurant for example. I am not saying pub, am not sayin night club, just restaurant where I want to eat my meal without the smoke going through my nostrils.

2 weeks ago, we were in a restaurant inside a mall. We had ordered our food and were waiting for them. When 2 women come and sit on the table on our right. So far so good. Suddenly, one of them lit a cigarette and all the smoke came towards me, allowing me to inhale the healthy air. So we kindly asked her if they can put it off or switch places between each other. So the woman ignores us and asks the waiter whether this was a smoking or non-smoking place. By default, most of the places in Lebanon are pro-smoking, so he nods. Then she looks our way and says:
- "Change your places if you're bothered".

Of course, I answered back, but long story short, they stayed, the waiter suggested another table, I refused, told him we got here first and we like our table and if anyone should move to another table it's them. In the end, nothing changed, except I got a Tiramissu for free.

Anyway, check out this article here, they're saying after a study that lasted 3 years, that the smoking ban helped decrease the percentage of hospitalized heart attack by 41%.


  1. It would be a great thing if it happens, I hope it will.

  2. You know what... I just spent 6 hours with one of my close girl friends and she is a chain smoker. And as much as I enjoy hanging out with her, I detest the fact that by the end of the night my hair, clothes, skin and even lungs and throat feel like they've been throw into an inferno of smoke.