Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Last words

Every story has more than one side to it. Everything has a different point of view. Common mistake people do is assume the negative of things and misinterpret certain inputs that are used later on as hypothesis upon which assumptions are built, assumptions that are not correct, and consequently reach wrong conclusions.

A person can't take this conclusion and have an attitude towards it. Why? Because as Einstein puts it: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it".

Maybe I am self-centered or maybe it wasn't about me, but in case it was, every person who is or was close to me at a point in time should know how much friendship is sacred for me.

One final thing, no one makes someone become who they are... they just help. I thought I did my part too, helped?


  1. yeah well i do that all the time. fi chi ma you2al?

  2. well in this case theory simplifies facts and lacks too many elements that play an important role in this process so it's not easy as it sounds.... Yeah whatever, i know, but i agree with u if u want to know whats really going on u have to look at all possibilities

  3. _z you do what exactly?

    Rany, ahlen!!! long time, were you in jail for stealing that lamborghini?

  4. Ahlen fiki :)... So you're asking me were you in jail?! Wein ra7 koun ya3ne, the first minute you stepped into the car you disappeared and left us behind like sitting ducks for the cops...Bas Ms. Lilzi, 7sebek ba3dein....:P

  5. :P oops.. lamborghini was worth it ;)