Thursday, March 26, 2009

Writing and blogging

Some people are very transparent. Well from those people we can select
the bloggers as transparent folks. But not necessarily. A person who
jokes and is never serious might turn out to be an extremenly deep
person, and a reflexive person to be just plain vain.

People blog for so various reasons. Some are technical blogs, and thus
sharing experience and found solutions. And some blog to report, and
others to vent, and others to nag, and others to document, and others
to get attention and others to express their points of view of things.
Why? In hope to find other bloggers who might agree.

Why don't they express their points of view in real? among real
people? Well, merely because we are not always surrounded by the
brightest people, or maybe simply because we do not want to show our
complete true self to... colleagues who might judge, therefore
impacting your image at work, or uni or wherever.

Why do I blog? Of course I don't mind getting attention, but it's
really not my sole nor main purpose. I blog because it is a truly
unique experience, I do write, secretly, and in other places. But
besides the political/social/Lebanon blog (for obvious reasons), I got
this. I blog random thoughts, silly thoughts, rarely ideas, mostly
naggings, sometimes incidents that happened to me. Why? well it's for
two main reasons:
1- People's comments and their way of viewing things
2- Documenting this part of my life

And finally, why do I write? Besides the evident reason that I express
myself in writing better than speech.. When I was 17, my late best
friend told me, to write. For some reason she believed in me. Yes, I'm
no great writer, I know this very well, I get like a nice metaphor
every 5 thousands words or so... but nothing will ever stand in the
way of me writing.


  1. If u're fishing for compliments, I have to say I love your blog :p I thank your friend who asked you to write. I see she wasn't mistaken.

    I can add a couple more reasons for the reasons you mentioned. People might blog to practice expressing themselves in some language. It's something that needs practice, even for your mother tongue. Something else would be expressing opinions that you can't express anywhere else. You know for example how blogs became almost the only resort for Egyptian youth who are just sick and tired and want to expess themselves so that they don't burst. Another reason is help understanding oneself, and that goes to all kinds of writing. For some people writing makes it easier to grab thoughts and conclosions.

    Thanks for opening the topic :)

  2. Well, when you again make random decisions to stop blogging, I have this post to use against you.

    Nothing to add. Marooned84 said it all. Just keep writing and write whatever you want. This place is probably the only place one could express oneself far from the judgments and expectations of one's reality.

  3. :) (this smile says it all)

  4. definitely marooned84, I totally missed this amazing reason, freedom of speech in a place where people are still oppressed so :) am happy you like blogging!

    poshlemon it would applied on you more, because you have a secret identity and I sort of dont lol but still :D

    AAL :)

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  6. And I blog for fun, sometimes you have things on your mind and the best way to get rid of them is to write about them, plus having different point of views on certain things is something nice.

    Yeah and about the judgment thing, I tend to stand up for what I believe in, it feels better to live what I really am; I know that this can't be applied under all cirmustances but generally I don't care about what others wrongly imagine, that's their problem.

  7. Sharing, expression and fun...:-) keep it up!

  8. well said Rany :)

    Maya, sharing is caring ;)