Thursday, January 21, 2010


Struggle: Anyone else has the fear of parking? I have a daily struggle to find a parking place where I live.

Yoga: Everyday when I get back home, I start thinking 5 or 10 minutes earlier about this, embrace myself with peace, send positive energy and loud prayers!

Multi-Tasking: I even worry of removing my car for just an hour, so I either simply beg for people to pick me up on their way or benefit in a way by doing more things (abroad) that need more than 1 hour.

The Horror
The fear per se, is not just "not finding a place", it's the actual traffic that is caused in the street having too much cars parked on the sides blocking other cars, cars trying to pass, the honking, swearing, loud screams... "Horrid, so horrid!"

Future Aspirations: My dream is to live in a building where I own a parking spot... *cries* I've been thinking of getting a Smart, or an old mini, or something small, I just wanna throw it anywhere and not care about it. Bil 3arabeh el mshabra7: "Ed7asha bil zewye w ben el siyyarat"

Anyone else has parkophobia?

Testimonies and true stories from twitter:
@DanyAwad: #Parkophobia Once I drove my car back to home, parked it there and came back to work via Taxi!! #Hamra
@sdarine #Parkophobia I readily park next to the dumbster, construction sites, under a tree, 3 blocks away as long as i find a spot
@sdarine #Parkophobia too many broker carlights, scratches &dents taught me to never buy a new car unless i've parking in my building
@sdarine I convince, myself that walking is good for you & is eco-friendly to walk from sanayeh to the end of hamra in summer #Parkophobia


  1. I actually started having a parkophobia since around 1 years, everyone in the neighborhood suddenly got a new car!
    Since that time I started to freak out whenever I have to get back home late at night, because I know I will have to spend 20 minutes before I find a place to park my car!
    Still, the situation in our street is bearable compared to other places where you see 2 lines of parked cars on the sides!
    I personally believe there is a parking crisis in Beirut, there are much more cars than what the streets can handle! I dunno who's fault it is, but we (and the government) should start thinking of a solution before things get much worse!
    A possible solution could be by building a multiple parking-floor system at the most congested areas (like borj hammmoud for example), the government intervention is not needed here except to get the license to do it, and I believe whoever starts such project might end up making good money out of it!
    (what a long comment!!)

  2. This should be a motive to use more and more your feet...

  3. Rami hehe yeah long but very true! But the problem is that in Beirut we have 100% construction, leaving almost no land for anyone to invest in, I would pay for a monthly parking to tell you the truth! I sometimes even think of selling my car and using public transportation! but for example there isn't any that would take me to where my job is.. I will have to use a taxi, and that's costly..

    Thousand Reds, I am definitely pro walking, if you're work is UP and 3 miles aways lol