Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Proving a point that I'm smart.. was stupid

I miss writing silly posts. I've been writing a lot lately and all I can say is that I'm loving it. Although I'm not having enough time to really refine my posts, the ideas are there, some I'm being able to complete and publish, others are sitting in my drafts link on gMail.

Been writing social, Lebanon related, technology related posts... And the challenge on all kinds of posts is super. For once I feel like I am starting to get a clearer idea of what I like to do, and what my major should have been. Is it too late? Can I just continue it as a hobby?

One great reason for NOT doing a major is proving someone a point. Never should you major in something just to prove a point. What was my point? I wanted to prove that girls can. I wanted to show a certain teacher something.

Where is he now? Where am I now? Does he know? If he knows does he give a shit? Sure thing he doesn't.

I always hated how men regarded women with inferiority.. talking about mental capabilities. Silly I know. We shouldn't give a damn, those who know, know and those who don't will never. For me, and I am sad to admit that, I feel like my major is my "carte blanche" to intelligence, it's like I secured that I have the minimum intelligence requirements. That's stupid.

Majoring in something just to have a proof that you're smart, is stupid.

Now to be fair. I know for sure if I had never majored in Computer Science, I would have eventually learned many programming languages and what not, on my own. I know I like it.. hell I love it. I love tracking a bug, I love analyzing, I love coming up with solutions, I love working on the pc for hours. The humble knowledge I withdraw from my current major, is definitely essential to the way I think today.

Nevertheless maybe now after a decade I feel like I am burying myself, and I need to "get out". I need to talk to people, I need to create something, I need to interact, and most importantly I want to seal deals!

This post is mostly intended as another documentation of the recent ideas I came to establish concerning my career existence (yet comments are always welcome). I don't want to identify myself with a major or a career anymore. I want to just be happy and be useful.


  1. that last sentence says it all

  2. I failed school miserably, Brevet that is, I did 1 year of car mechanics, than went on to study French pastry and ended my studying with a university degree in hotel management.
    All this was done to prove to the rest of the family members that I'm not a failure, that I can compete with my cousins' success.
    Now I don't give a crap about anyone else, I left everything that I studied and turned to the one thing I love the most, music.
    I've been doing the thing I love for about 10 years now, and if I had to go back in time, I would still take the same decision...

  3. Once, while writing my CV I found myself writing this sentence: Architecture is not just a career for me, it is an identity.
    The good part is I really meant it.
    I had an inclination towards literature and arts since a young age but when i first had to chose, while still in school, between literature and science, i thought here is the first labeling in life.I chose science cos i too wanted to prove am smart and wanted more open choices ahead. I soon labeled literature as a hobby, I write for the fun of it, I dnt want it to b my career cos it might take away all the joy i find in it.
    Some people go straight towards what they love, they chose with the heart. Others go straight the other way and chose after long self criticism with the mind. but there is a time in life when those 2 should meet in harmony and balance, then, u ll really know where u belong.
    Great post! keep the questions flowing, answers will come on their own

  4. I just noticed how long my post is, so thanks guys and lady for reading! really! hehe

    And thanks for your input. Food for thought :)

  5. Why don't you move to other positions in the IT industry, positions that fit more what you like to do. Perhaps, an IT analyst for a newspaper? ;)

  6. I really like what Serpico suggested..I too did my major (Int'l Bus) not because I wanted to, but to appease my parents..

    But at the end of the day, you are right, who cares what others think, if you yourself are miserable?

    Just do you, oh and it's never too late!