Friday, July 09, 2010

10 things to spot a lady geek

1. Look at what's inside her huge bag and see if she has at least 5 of the things mentioned below:
  • External HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
  • Memory Stick --> the bigger the better ;)
  • SmartPhone
  • SmartPhone's Charger
  • SmartPhone's EarPhones
  • Bonus: iPod or another Phone
  • Bonus: Their charger's and earphones
2. She has internet on her mobile

3. Ask for directions to a place, and see if she sends them using a google map

4. See if she knows the difference between 2G and 3G and 3GS

5. She has at least a pc and a laptop at her house

6. She checks her email more than she checks her phone

7. When she wants to buy a gift, she takes a photo of it and emails it to another friend to ask her what she thinks of it

8. When you ask her a question, she WILL google it

9. When you tend to prove her wrong, she WILL google it and give you references

10. She's looking at her mobile for most of the time


  1. Ohh my god!! Look at those nails! Where the did you find that picture? That must have taken hours to do,,,never thought to put Super Mario on my nails..hahahahah

  2. So, you got all that in your bag?

  3. That list applies to Lebanese ladies only.
    In first world countries most 20 something year old girls do everything on that list.
    The only thing that's true geeky is the external hdd.
    Smart phones are everywhere in Canada, same for internet on phone, using Google for directions etc.

    Signs that she is really a geek would be
    1-She knows 1 or more programming language.
    2-She has a gaming console
    3-She has a dual Screen (or more) on her computer
    4-She watches Sci-Fi a lot.
    5-She always has some kinda of geeky fashion sense (like the nails pic)
    6-She has a blog(not about fashion or kittens)
    7-She follows tech news
    8-She isn't high maintenance.
    9-She is opinionated and knows a lot of stuff.
    10-She is smart.

  4. I agree with Kodder. Almost everything on your list Liliane applies to me (even to men) and I am not a geek. Although I must say I am the last 2 on Kodder's list.

  5. I have to admit.. kodder's list is MUCH better :D

    Serpico yes I do!

  6. but wait.. Kodder, why do you suppose she isn't high maintenance?

  7. Lil I know ur a geek coz u do #3 ;)

  8. by high maintenance I mean the need for a man to everything for her. this and that. Usually geekettes are smart and independent and they refuse to be high maintenance, they do things themselves.

  9. Btw another thing, no self respecting man would look into a lady's bag...

  10. Kodder!!!!!!!!!! you ARE a gentleman :D