Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So yesterday, while receiving my laser treatment - (you know the whole jaw thing) - the doctor said that he's considering buying a boat. Being me, the know-it-all (pun intended for those who think I think of myself as a know-it-all), considering the sailing I did, and the fact that I know a bit about boats and sizes and stuff, asked him a couple of more questions, you know, making conversation.

Finally, he continued that he's really considering buying it; why? let me tell you why, he said:
- as a change of "routine".

I looked at him, while holding that glassed laser stick that I put on my jaw from the exterior, and felt like sticking the stick in my eyeball, removing my eyeball, throwing it on the floor and jumping endlessly over it, like Donald Duck does when he's pissed-off!

Change of routine...
You know how I change my routine? I eat at Apple Bee's instead of roadster's...

Truth is, that's not what I'm talking about, I don't intend to compare how people change "routine" life. I am talking about the fact how he told me that, thank you.. really... for talking to me about how buying a yacht is a change of "routine"... uh-huh...

I am a considerate person, I wouldn't put someone in this situation, that's just showing-off.


  1. Hahhaha..you should have said, "well i just put a down payment on my helicopter..can't stand this traffic anymore, might as well fly over it!"

  2. He was trying to impress you, you silly goose! Ooops sorry, silly duck!

  3. hmmm actually now that makes sense ... how naive of me!!!